When I Felt Helpless (#Light the World)

spreading hope

Last week I returned from a life-changing humanitarian trip to Guatemala. While I was in Guatemala, there were moments I felt so helpless. The needs are just so great, and in those moments I felt so small. I wondered if what I was doing was making a difference.

Without fail, immediately following those hopeless feelings, I felt peace from our Father in Heaven. In my heart and mind I was reminded that He is aware of each of His children and that what we were doing was making a difference; we were an answer to prayers.

We may not solve all the world’s problems when we serve others, but we do bring hope to them, and is there anything more powerful than hope? I would argue there isn’t.

Before we left Guatemala to come back home, our team set individual goals and shared them with each other. One of mine was to pray for those that we had grown to love in Guatemala by name. The pain of leaving people I loved in desperation made my heart ache, but the power of prayer is real. Prayer was my answer to continuing to spread hope, even while I wasn’t physically there.

I felt the same about people in our families or communities that we know are struggling. We may not be able to carry their burden, but we can pray that our Savior will, and He will!

I have had personal experience. I know that prayer can heal, bring peace, allow clarity, and bring hope. It’s more powerful than we allow ourselves to believe.

Last night our little family was sitting in a circle before family prayer. We were talking, crying, and laughing. We are currently dealing with a situation where we are all trying to have faith in God’s plan, and it’s hard in some ways. Just as I was about to head to bed, I saw this video, and it struck a chord with me. Do we fear or do we trust? I truly am so grateful for His patience and for His Plan for me and each of us.

I hope you know that your Heavenly Father is real. That in those times when you are afraid, He is the one to turn to. He has a plan for you. I know this to be true! I know that inner peace comes from letting Him do the driving, even when it doesn’t make sense to us where He is leading us.

I too am so grateful for him answering my little prayer! He reminds me on a daily basis that I’m not small, and that the little things do make a difference.

Remember, Christ served others one by one. Let’s #LighttheWorld and spread hope as we walk in our Savior’s footsteps this December, praying for, loving, and serving others one by one.

Merry Christmas!