What Defines You?

Lizzie Velasquez

This is a must see! Imagine being labelled “The Worlds Ugliest Woman (or man)”. What would you do? I have no clue what I’d do, but I probably wouldn’t be out on stage making people laugh and inspiring people around the world. Lizzie Velasquez took an incredibly hard circumstance and triumphed. It wasn’t without heartache and pain, but she did it! She used every horrific words people said to her and used it as motivation to become the best she could be. Watch the video and then my question to all of us is, what defines us? We get to choose. No matter our circumstances, great or not, we get to choose what defines us. Let’s choose to make a difference! We may not be on stage, but we can make a difference and not let our weaknesses, challenges, or circumstances hinder us, but instead, have them be our stepping stones on our path of becoming! 


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