Want to Resolve Conflict? Here’s How…

During an interview, Nephi Sanchez, the director of training at ANASAZI Foundation, described how having a heart at peace can resolve conflict between families.

Heart at Peace

“There is always, continually, this language that goes between our hearts,” says Nephi. “If our hearts are speaking a different language, the other heart will know and receive that language, as it is spoken from the heart—not from our facial cues, not from what our words are speaking—it will listen to what the other heart is saying.”

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He then goes on to say that if we truly want to resolve conflict between family members and friends, “the first thing we do is invite [others] with a heart at peace. And that heart at peace comes from the moment we meet them—that heart just shines with that language toward them.”

But what if the individual whom we are trying to reach is resistant to our love? What if that individual has a heart at war toward us? Nephi says that their hatred and anger cannot last for long. “Because that heart wants to hear [peace], it wants to hear that so bad.”

The concepts of Heart at War and Heart at Peace are explored in greater detail in the best-selling books The Anatomy of Peace and The Seven Paths. The idea is that if our hearts are at war, we can make our outside behaviors look “correct,” we can say and do all the “right” things, but our hearts will betray us. You see this all the time in negotiations between governments that hate each other, or even in relationships that are strained.

The only way to truly resolve conflict is to have a heart at peace.