Together We Can Do Great Things – THANK YOU Guatemala 2016 Imprinters!

Mother Teresa said, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

This quote has quickly become a favorite of mine because it’s so real and profound in my life right now. I cannot tell you how many people Heavenly Father has placed in our path with just the right gifts, abilities, talents, and funds that are needed to do great things together. Our Guatemala trip is a prime example.

Being Harrison’s Hands

We were extremely humbled when our friends approached us about using their son’s humanitarian money on our trip. He was planning and saving to go on a humanitarian trip before he unexpectedly passed away. We felt like this money was sacred. We wanted to use it in a way that would be pleasing to both Harrison and his family, and would honor Harrison’s huge heart.

While were there, we were able to use some of the funds to help some of the Guatemalan people in desperate situations. It was both heart wrenching and touching. There was a segment of time I will never forget. It was the day before most of the team flew out. We had taken a boat to Santiago to do some souvenir shopping and to see the town. The team split up and we all went our own ways in pursuit of finding the perfect gifts for our families and friends back home.

After surviving the overly persistent street venders, and conquering the difficult task of choosing what to purchase, and from whom, and for how much, we were running out of time. It was almost time to meet up with the team, but we were told we had to see the historical Colonial Church while we were there. So we piled in a tuk-tuk (cute little 3 wheeled Guatemalan taxi) and headed that way. As we were walking up to the church, we came upon a crippled woman that was crawling on her hands and knees on the cement. Her feet and body were deformed, her head was down with her hair hanging over her face. It was heart wrenching to watch her struggle, as we walked with such ease. It’s times like that when I realize how much I take for granted. It felt so good to be Harrison’s hands, and give this woman some money. Then we went up huge cement stairs that led to a historical church, and there at the top was a blind man, asking for money for his family. He was so gracious and grateful. Harrison was known for making others feel loved and not judged, and I know that these two people felt just that that day.

Real Imprints

We are also currently in the process of using the rest of Harrison’s donation to organize art lessons for some of the older orphans. Art is a priceless skill there because of the income it can bring in, so we are anxious to see the good that comes from this. We are trying to be patient through the Latin American third world communication. They are just so laid back and things just take longer. We learned about that when we went to Haiti and donated strollers, but it all worked out in the end, so we are trying to be patient with this as well and take it one step at a time. We can’t wait to see it unfold. There is one boy in particular that loves art, and is such an incredible kid that we know Harrison would just love! We caught him praying over his food and reading his scriptures by himself. He just has a special spirit about him. We feel like this is going to benefit him so much. He’s had a hard life, and his story is difficult, but he has a heart of gold, just like Harrison.

Callie’s LulaRoe Fundraiser

You can imagine how completely excited I was when my friend Callie Elton offered to do a LulaRoe fundraiser for our trip to Guatemala. She generously donated ALL of the proceeds from the party to our trip. All of them! She spent time preparing for it, spreading the word, and then of course setting it up, taking it down, and all the after work. As we unloaded her completely packed suburban, taking multiple trips in and out of the house with huge totes in hand, I was so grateful for all she was doing to help us raise money! It was pretty cool to see my house transform into a store with so many fun and comfortable clothes. She put so much into this party!

It was so great to have so many friends come and support this fundraiser for us. We felt so much support that night. I even earned some free clothes that were perfect for our trip! I love that one of my LulaRoe shirts made it into multiple pictures because it’s a reminder of that gift my friend gave to me and the Guatemalan people!

Real Imprints

With the funds earned, we were able to help a family buy diapers for their 30 year old son who is bedridden with cerebral palsy. This home visit was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip. There was so much love in that home that it was tangible. It was Clementine’s 30th birthday that day so we asked if we could sing to him, and as we did, tears started streaming down his mother’s face, and before you knew it, we were singing with tears in our eyes. I instantly started thinking about all the sacrifice this family had given to this man that was still the size of a boy and was still unable to speak or even move much. I can’t imagine the stress, financial burden, and helplessness that this family has felt at times, but they reminded me of the power of love. I left that house wanting more love in my life, and less stuff. What an incredible family!

Real Imprints

We were also able to help a destitute family with 6 kids who has no running water, no electricity, no car, minimal food, and lives in a tiny shack. The dad works all day in the fields and the mom does laundry for money, but gets paid pennies for it. We were shocked at how little she gets paid. The only family they have is the dad’s mother who lived in a neighboring shack until she passed away just a month prior to us meeting them. I can’t imagine the life of this hard working mama who is alone everyday and is constantly trying to make ends meat. Thanks to Callie’s fundraiser, we were able to lighten some of this family’s burdens.

Thank you to all the imprinters that donated time, talents, and/or money. Thank you to friends and family who helped with our kids. Thank you to our Real Imprints team for taking time out of their busy schedules to serve others.

We were able to accomplish so much more good, and help so many more people because of all of those that helped and supported us. We sincerely thank you!

“[We] can do things you cannot, you can do things [we] cannot; together we can do great things.”