To the Mechanic that Came to My Rescue

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Dear John (a.k.a. Mr. Mechanic),

Thank you for reminding me of the good in the world! It was rush, rush, rush! I was trying to fit more errands into a time slot than was possible. We had multiple time commitments that were closing in on us, and one of them was to get my daughter to school.

I hopped in the van, turned the key, and click-click. I tried again, and again, and again, and again for who knows how many times, hoping that a different result would magically grace us with its presence!

Feeling desperate, I looked up from the dashboard and there you were getting into your car. We made eye contact and it seemed like you could sense something wasn’t quite right.

I got out of the van and tentatively walked around the van and uttered. “Ummm…are you by chance not in a rush. Probably not.” Kindly you responded, “No, actually I’m not. What’s going on?” I explained to you that I thought our battery was dead and asked if you could jump it. Without hesitation, you accepted. The only stumbling block we had was if I had jumper cords or not, and I did! Woot woot!

You asked me to pop the hood and then from there I was amazed. You started pulling out all kids of cool and unique car tools and started digging into the job like a pro. I joked with you that I definitely asked the right guy. You mentioned that you used to build cars and you now install security systems. Yep, I definitely won the jackpot!

Real Imprints

I stood back amazed. Amazed at Heavenly Father’s grace to send me such a simple, yet obvious tender mercy. Amazed at your kindness and generosity. You never made me feel like you were rushed or had other and better things to do. You went above and beyond what you had to do. You tested the battery, cleaned the connections, explained some “under the hood” stuff to me, and then jumped my van and got it running again.

Thank you. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the good that’s out there.

I’m a believer that things don’t happen by chance. From the timing of it all, to the fact that you were parked just one spot over and that the spot right next to me was empty, the fact that you were Mr. Mechanic himself…none of it was coincidence in my eyes. I know without a doubt that God is in the details of our lives. The more we recognize it, the more it happens. I’m sure He’s like most parents, the more grateful the child, the more fun it is to give them more!

Thank you John for coming to my rescue! Your service that day left an imprint on me!


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