The Solution is Christlike Love

Christlike love

The name-calling MUST stop! As I scroll through my Facebook feed, read the newspaper, or listen to the news, I see it over-and-over again; judgments being made, comments thrown around without thought or consideration. The time has come for this to stop! It’s time we step back, look at the situation, think, and use compassion BEFORE we make judgments or speak.

There are so many tough decisions our society is dealing with right now. Parenting techniques, gender identity, illegal immigration, refugees, racism, politics, mental illness and the list goes on and on. I don’t know the solution to all of these issues. However, I do know the solution does not start with anger, fear, hatred, unkindness, or unfair judgment. The solution begins with Christlike love, compassion, understanding, and remembering that these are living, breathing human beings we are talking about. More than that, these are children of God! God loves each of them just like He loves you. When we as a society take a moment to step back and remember who we are talking about, then we are one step closer to finding a REAL solution to the problems and issues we face today.

Now don’t think for a moment I am suggesting we compromise the values and standards that God has given us. I firmly believe that stepping away from God’s standards will lead to our own destruction. We must stick to the standards God has given us, beginning with the standard to love one another. We need to do better at looking at these issues in the same way God looks at them – starting with love and kindness.

The next time you hear a news story about a mom who lost track of her child for a moment, a friend confides to you their struggle with mental illness, or topics such as gender identity, illegal immigration, or refugees come up in a conversation, don’t judge unfairly, don’t react with unkind words. Put yourself in the shoes of those impacted by what is happening. Ask yourself “How would God want me to handle this situation? How can I show more love to others?” When all of us do more to respond and react with the love of God, then real solutions will begin to happen. Remember, we are ALL children of a loving Heavenly Father!