The Rock of Safety

For those of you in America, this is a big week! We get to celebrate the birthday of our country, and more importantly, our freedoms! The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a guarantee that at some point during the day, I’ll get the chills from head to toe, my overactive tear ducts will start doing their thing, and I’ll be overcome with immense gratitude for our soldiers, their families, my family, and my freedoms. It happens every year!

In contrast, throughout the year, there are definitely times that I feel sad or afraid for my family and our country because of the recent push to “leave God out” or remove Him from our schools and other public places. However, I’m always reminded that faith and fear cannot coexist, and that we have to choose faith over fear. God is in charge. There will be some that “leave God out”, but for those who choose to believe that God is their rock of safety, I strongly believe that they and their families will be protected. God will use them as a force of good in the world!

Our country was founded by men who believed, lived, and lead like God was their rock of safety. Now WE have to be the people that believe, live, and lead like God is our rock of safety.

Our POWER CHALLENGE this week is write down, visualize, AND do something that will strengthen your faith and relationship with your Heavenly Father. When our rock of safety is our Heavenly Father, not only is our country stronger, but our families are stronger and we are able to overcome the things that fall on our path together, instead of having those things break us apart.

We love you all! Have a wonderful week building your rock of faith!


The rock of safety