The Most Precious Gift

Real ImprintsMia McDonald was adored by her family and the center of their lives. She received the most precious gift, a new heart, when she was four months old. Her precious donor heart was very much at home in Mia for four years. Mia’s donor heart was given to her by a beautiful little baby boy named Jacob. We love him and are so grateful for the most selfless gift they gave to our family.

Real ImprintsMia did really well as a transplant recipient, and had a beautiful childhood despite the doctor visits. Mia loved playing with her sister and two brothers, dancing, and being silly. She loved chocolate “chockit” and had an affinity for the color purple. She always chose the “pool pool” one when given the chance. Mia also loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and decided meeting Minnie was her first pick of wishes.

Real ImprintsThe day after she arrived in Florida on her Make-A-Wish trip she became ill and was taken to the local hospital. After two misdiagnosis and treatments they discovered she was in rejection. Sadly, instead of transferring her to the hospital that cares for transplant patients she was taken to the cath lab where her heart stopped. After she was placed on ECHMO the hospital transferred her to the children’s hospital where she received medication to reverse the rejection. Her heart recovered but the brain damage incurred while performing CPR is what ultimately kept her from returning home with her family. She never made it to Disney World, and her family had to say goodbye to her in a hospital room in Florida.

Real ImprintsMia was the happiest of children and brought so much light to others. Truly an angel to have around who endeared herself to all. Her family misses her every minute of every day. Every year for her birthday and angel day her family tries to keep that love alive by showing love to others in Mia’s honor. Today is the second year anniversary ‘angel day’ of her returning to heaven. If you want to participate in #love4mia, do an act of service today, or something that shows love to someone else and post with the hashtag #love4mia. You can also tag her mama @mimimcdonald.

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A touching and beautiful tribute to Jacob and Mia…

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Story written by: Mimi McDonald

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