The Candyman

CandymanMeet “Candyman” and “Candyman’s Wife”! These two are adored by many! Candyman always has a pocket full of sugar-free candy and somehow when he is around, candy magically appears from the kids’ ears! Kids LOVE him! After church, there is a buzz in the air and all the kids are on the search for Candyman! His sweet wife is such a support to him and all the kids love her ┬áto pieces too!

Every time I am around these two, I think to myself, “I hope I’m half as amazing as they are when I grow up!” They do the little things to make the kids and people around them feel special. They have invited our family to pancake dinners, dropped magazines by for the kids because they thought of them when they saw it, held our baby multiple times so we can have “baby free” hands to eat or whatnot, they have given us thoughtful gifts, and so much more. A couple months after we moved away, they drove through our town and made an effort to stop to see us, take us to lunch, bring us gifts, and make us feel like a million bucks! I was overcome with gratitude because we were really missing our old stomping grounds and to see them again was so great!

This is just one of their many imprints they’ve made throughout their life. They may not think anything they’ve done is great and amazing, but at a time in life when it’s easy to stay to themselves, they live to lift and bless others. I know for me, my family, and a lot of little people, they have made an imprint!

Story written by: Lindsey

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