I am so excited to launch this website! Thank you just does not seem adequate for how I feel! I feel like standing on roof tops, giving big hugs, and telling the whole world about every single person that has contributed to this website! One of my favorite things about this site is that it’s a product of what the site is all about. Many people with different talents and gifts have contributed to the site and have made it what it is. I could not have done it alone. I have seen God’s hand in this process and it’s been an amazing experience for me! Thank you to my family for their patience and support, they are amazing! THANK YOU to Becky for all of her time, patience, and support! She is the computer brains behind the site and I could NOT have done it without her! Thank you to her family for their support while we borrowed a lot of their Mom’s and wife’s time! Thank you to Neil Essig ( for the amazing logo that we LOVE! Thank you to all the Team Members who have brought their gifts and talents and have added so much to the site and made it complete! Thank you to all of those who have submitted, or will be submitting, stories, music, books, and ideas! We could not do this site without you and are excited to team up with you to share the good, the inspiring, and the uplifting! We are so excited to have a website that people can go to share their experiences, gifts, and talents. We are excited to inspire and be inspired! We are excited to spread the good news! I hope it is a site that helps people feel God’s love. He really does love all of us, no matter who we are or what we struggle with. I have felt that as I’ve read your stories! I find myself thinking the world of everyone on this site and I know God feels that plus so much more! He knows our potential and loves us as we struggle to reach it! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who has or will make this website and organization possible! We are excited to spread our imprints far and wide and make a difference for good, one step at a time!

I better stop writing….I’m noticing almost every sentence ends with an exclamation mark!:-) I guess that’s my way of shouting it from a roof top on the computer!:-)


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“giving thanks” image by Gisela Giardion. CC BY-SA 2.0