Ten Simple Ways to Reduce Your Stress



I don’t profess to be a genius when it comes to reducing stress! I like many of you end up juggling too many balls, and usually drop a few in the process! I too am a victim of overscheduling and overdoing! But one thing I have learned these last few months is there are things that help me relax and in turn relieve the STRESS! Doing these things is super important! It allows me to be my better self throughout my week and that is something I deserve! You probably have a crazy week or month ahead! I am sharing ten simple ways to reduce your stress so that you can have a better week. Try one of them and see if it helps just a little. And don’t forget to choose JOY every day, do what you can and leave the rest up to the Lord, and take time for yourself! Your week will be a little bit better if you do!

Ten Simple Ways to Reduce Your Stress!

1. Take a Shower – I love my showers! My husband teases me about taking long ones all the time. But I just remind him that a shower makes me happier. It relieves sore muscles (including the neck and shoulders), improves circulation, cleanses the skin, loosens the body and preps for exercise, relieves coughs, and is a natural sedative which helps stress and insomnia, and clears the mind! Need a breather….take a shower!

2. Eat some Chocolate and Mint– All you women out there are routin’ for this one because who doesn’t love chocolate right? But it actually helps. I had a professor in college give each of us a Hershey kiss and a mint before an exam. It has been proven that dark chocolate reduces stress hormones and the mint clears the mind and invigorates it! So keep a small stash on hand (away from kiddos) to help in those stressful moments!

3. Take a Walk– Walking does several things to help reduce stress. It allows you to meditate, increase endorphins to help reduce stress, allows you to connect with nature and enjoy peace, and pumps up your energy! If it’s the kids who are causing the stress, take them outside for a walk! One activity to do is roll a piece of masking tape around their wrists, sticky part out. On your walk they can collect flowers, leaves, or whatever else they find and stick it to their tape. My kids have loved this on our walks!

4. Get a massage– This is my favorite! And I swear by it! I get them all the time and every time I do…it’s like the mean stress buggers walk away! I am telling you the tension is gone. If you can’t go to someone because of babysitting issues (me! me!) ask your spouse to rub your back for ten minutes. It’s a great way to serve each other and gain some stress benefits besides!

5. Stop- n- Drop Moments– This is what I call those moments when you are running around like a crazy person and you decide to put a hold on the errands and do something memorable. For instance, the other day I had the busiest Saturday of my life! I was running all over the place and had 200 brownies to bake by that evening! I picked my daughter up from a gymnastics camp and she was so hot and sweaty…she looked worn out! She asked if we could get a milkshake and something said do it! We took 20 minutes and shared a mint/chocolate chip together! It was the best and those 200 brownies didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore!

6. Music– Thank goodness for all the great music out there. We even have our own inspiring music section here so you can find great songs that lift your spirits. But it’s true that music can help distract us from our trials and allows us to explore our emotions and feelings. In turn we reduce our stress hormones. And maybe if you get a little crazy you can sing right along with them…karaoke style!

7. Take a Break– Stop the routine for just a moment and take a break! Go out on a date, go out with some friends, or spend time with family! Women need women and we need friendships! Going to dinner allows us to share our experiences and build each other up. You and your spouse need to take time together also. It is healthy to get a break from work and kids so that everyone appreciates each other more!

8. Talk– I mentioned in my bio that I am a talker! It is genetic I am sure! But I do it to work out my problems. I need to talk through my frustrations, issues, and even solutions. Usually I have a clearer idea of what I need to do to reduce my stress when I am done. So try communicating, it will help I promise!

9. Reminisce about the good ol’ days– We all have moments that bring us happiness! Sometimes they can be hard to remember when we are stressed out! Take a moment and watch family videos, look through a picture album, or read your journal. It will remind you of the moments that shaped you and brought you joy! I always leave with a smile on my face!

10. Create– We all have God given talents! We must all take a moment now and then to enjoy them! If you like to cook…cook, sew…sew, read the news…read the news (ok that last one was for me!) But seriously, do the things that you enjoy and you will be skipping down the hall!


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