Ten Days Until Haiti – Our Valentine’s Bake Sale

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One of the most humbling things we’ve had to do in this process is ask others to help. When we started this journey we didn’t want to impose on others, we wanted to do it all by ourselves, and we really struggled with the idea of fundraising and donations. Through this process, our eyes have been opened to something greater.

As we’ve watched the excitement and genuine desire of others to give to this cause and to be a part of it, our hearts have changed. This is a lot bigger than just us. We can do things on our own, but when we all come together, the result is far more grand!

Just last night we had some friends stop by with bags and bags of things for the orphans in Haiti. As we talked, I couldn’t help but feel such a strong love for them! There is a unique bond that comes when you unite to bring hope to others! It’s incredible!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity this mission trip has given us to step outside our comfort zone. That first step is never easy, and sometimes it’s just a shuffle forward, but I’ve found that without fail, it’s always worth it!

We’re getting ready for our last fundraiser before we leave! It’s our Valentine’s Bake Sale! On Friday, February 13th, our kids are going to be selling hot cocoa, baked goods, and our “I can do hard things” blocks! We have felt so much support and because of the help of others, we’re going to have a variety of delicious baked goods!

We are collecting baked goods Thursday night for those that are local and want to contribute to the bake sale.

If you’d like to participate in your local areas and be part of leaving imprints in Haiti, please send us some pictures and tell us about your experience and we’ll share it on the Real Imprints! Please send all Haiti donations in by February 20th!

We send a sincere THANK YOU to all those who have helped in anyway. We have recently started a list of Haiti Imprinters on the homepage. It’s amazing to see it grow! This mission is a group effort and so many are helping bless the lives of those in Haiti! Thank you!!!

Only 10 more days!!!


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