Taylen Doesn’t Give Up


My name is Taylen and I’ve been playing the violin since I was in fifth grade. I really enjoy playing and love my orchestra teacher. When I was in seventh grade, my orchestra teacher asked a few girls in the seventh grade orchestra to join the eighth grade orchestra. I was one of these girls. This would mean skipping one year of learning new things and jumping into what everyone else would learn in eighth grade. We all said yes. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I had to learn what all of my friends were learning in one year in about two months. It was very difficult because I’m used to having things come easy to me. But, this required me to practice every day. Practicing is not my favorite thing in the world. I would go into class with a terrible attitude, sit down and attempt to play the music, but it was so hard that I usually just ended up starting to cry. I wanted to quit. But, my parents kept pushing me to just keep at it for a few more weeks. I finally decided to pray about it. I then started to have a better attitude towards that class and I would practice every day. After a few weeks, I finally started to be able to play the music. I felt great! I started looking forward to Orchestra. Now, I’m in eighth grade and I love going to Orchestra. My teacher is able to have me play whatever part she needs. I am so grateful that I decided to stay in that class.

Story written by: Taylen

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