Sweet Pitter-Patter Feet to an Overwhelmed Mom

Sweet Pitter-Patter Feet

I hate mopping, but if I have to mop, I love mopping right before someone comes to my house because it’s THE ONLY TIME someone else besides myself and my littles see a clean floor. People joke about Murphy’s Law with mopping…well, I’m not joking, I’m a full believer! If I mop, something above and beyond the normal dirt and food gets spilled, wiped, dragged, or poured on the floor. No exceptions!

The picture above was taken an hour or two after I mopped. I had so much going on and was so proud to finally get to the floor. As I sat on our big sectional couch in the family room, laundry literally surrounding me and stacked high on every cushion except the one I was sitting on, I looked and beheld the little pitter-patter feet. I had a kid on each lap and was overwhelmed with all I had to do, but in that moment, I actually smiled at those sweet little footprints that marked their way all the way from the backdoor, to the office where I was working. I had just taken off some pink muddy and wet pants and I could now see her trail. She had made it all the way to me, leaving her mark with every footstep.

I will be the first to admit that I am often not one that embraces these moments. I often don’t see them as “sweet pitter-patter feet” or cute sticky finger prints because I definitely get my daily dose of cleaning them up on a very regular basis, and it’s especially hard when my plate is overloaded and I’m going to overflow at any time. This time, I was blessed to see them as sweet!

Well tonight I overflowed. Tears and all. My poor girls were giving me the “You’re the BEST MOM EVER” cheer and asking if they did anything to make me sad. They even sang, “You’ll Always Be the Best Mom No Matter What” to the tune of Brave by Sarah Bareilles (it’s one of our favorites if you haven’t noticed:-)). My husband was even trying to rally the troops and make a plan of success so I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed.

We often feel pulled in so many directions. We don’t want to have regrets. We don’t want to miss those sweet pitter-patter feet. We want to be perfect in every role we have. It’s hard. It’s impossible.

My friend shared a song with me tonight and I had to share it with you. More tears came as I listened. It has the answer. Listen to all the words. I’m sure it will hit home. It’s “Which Part is Mine?” by Michael McLean.

Our Heavenly Father is truly aware of each of us…as individuals. He does hear us and wants to be near to us. He will help us as we come to Him. As we take the time to make Him a part of our lives, each and every day.

So as I’m trying to live my life so I don’t miss too many “pitter-patter” moments, my prayer is that He will help me. That he can direct me each day in all of my roles and that I will be able to know what is most important in each moment. I’m going to continue to be pulled, but with His help, I can do anything!


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