What was your Favorite Summer Memory?

The kids went back to school this week! The house is quietly filled with…well…quiet! I begin my new schedule where I balance work, PTA, church, and family! You all know the feeling, it is bitter sweet!

I guess the quiet got me thinking today about the summer memories that we shared together. We swam in our pool, visited Charleston, went to some museums and a zoo, spent time in the mountains, and played with friends and visited with family! Peaches, lemons, and zucchini filled our house. It was a great time, time to enjoy sunshine and fireworks, laughter and water…everything sweet!


Now we make way for apples, cinnamon, and pumpkins to fill our kitchens. Jackets and pants replace shorts and swimsuits. Now begins the time of coziness, reflections, gratitude, and celebrations! I love all seasons, each brings joy and memories. I believe that God delights in us to find joy… joy in his creations, his seasons, his earth. He wants us to be happy!

So as we begin a new season reflect on your summer memories. What did you do and why was it special? I am a firm believer that when you share your memories and experiences with others, it will stay with you longer and become a little sweeter. If you have just 10 seconds, drop a line in the comment section and tell us what was your favorite memory you made this summer! We want to hear from our imprinters, we want to know what makes you happy! And…if you share a quick memory with us, you will get your name in a drawing for a gift card perfect for creating some new memories! Can’t wait to hear from you!

– Tasha

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