Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Isn’t it easy to to hunker down in our comfort zones? I think it’s healthy to have a little comfort zone party every once in a while, BUT we can’t stay there!

I know! I just made you and myself cringe a bit, but as much as we’d like it, we are not here to be comfortable. Our lives were not meant to be comfortable. We are here to grow. We are here to overcome challenges. We are here to push ourselves. We’re here to help others!

Here’s the thing, we like to think we’re in charge, but we all know that’s not true. The one who created us and this world is the one who’s in charge. So we can try to resist challenge and change, and be miserable, or we can embrace it, unite with Christ, and soar to beautiful unseen places in our lives that we’d miss out on if we hunkered down in our comfort zone.

Our POWER CHALLENGE this week is to begin your flight. Do ONE THING that is out of your comfort zone. Take a minute to write down what you are going to do this week, find someone to be accountable to and tell them, and then do it! We always love hearing from our imprinters so please leave a comment or email us and let me know what you’re doing! We want to help you! We all know that going outside of your comfort zone is not easy, so send us a note and we’ll help you succeed!

We love you Imprinters! We can do hard things! Let’s soar!!!

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Into Greatness