Special Needs Adoption Fundraiser

Special Needs Adoption

The Brown family has adopted two boys from China who have special needs. Ever since these sweet boys were able to communicate their feelings in english, they have been begging their parents to adopt and help more special needs children in China. Their hearts are so big and they want to help as many kids find a family as they can! So after months of persistence, Shanon and Jason have felt it’s the right time and are moving forward with faith. They have had a generous anonymous donor offer to match up to $3,000 of donations in the next month. This is a huge blessing! So anything you give, will be doubled! Here are a few ways you can help.

1. Get involved with their envelope fundraiser. There is more info HERE.

2. Donate directly to the Brown’s adoption fund HERE.

3. Donate to Real Imprints HERE, mention you want your donation to go to the Brown’s fund, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Browns.

4. Offer to help with or lead a fundraiser in their behalf (email lindsey @ lindsey@realimprints.org).

5. Share this post with others and help them spread the word!

6. Pray for the Browns and their growing family that they will have the funds sufficient for their needs.

THANK YOU so much for helping us help the Brown Family! Not everyone can adopt special needs children, but we can help those that can!

Here is one of the ADORABLE videos the Brown boys have done to help spread the word about fundraising so they are able to bring their brothers home. All the videos they’ve done are not scripted and are from their own hearts and minds. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

For more priceless videos and a whole lot of cuteness, visit the boys site HERE.

You can follow the browns adoption journey at http://www.brownwingfamily.com

To read the stories Shanon has shared on Real Imprints about her experiences, click HERE for  “Infertility, Failed Adoptions, Heartache, and Blessings” and click HERE  for “Considering Special Needs Adoption”.

Thank you for helping us make the Brown’s dreams come true!

-The Real Imprints Family