Something Grand

Somethings Grand

What can I do that would really make a difference? I don’t have any talents to share with others. I want to do something, but I don’t know what. Sarah and Claire can offer way more than I can. I don’t have time, I’m so busy. Sound familiar?

I saw this beautiful poem and had to share!

Just One

A penny, well, on its own isn’t very much.
But put it with some others, and soon you’ll have a bunch.
One plus one equals two; two plus two is four;
Four plus four is eight. See how one becomes much more!

And so it is in life, you see, much begins with one.
A single thread; add some more, then a coat is spun.
A single apple seed, when planted, grows countless apple buds.
Single drops of water, united, soon become a flood.

And I am one. What can I do? What difference can I make?
Please help me see, to understand the path that one can take.
One blanket means one baby warm. One bag of food – tummies fed.
One bar of soap means nice, clean hands. One quilt – a cozy bed.

One pair of gloves against the cold; one hat; one pair of socks.
Doing for one other doesn’t take a lot.
One book, one comb, one hour of time — so much good is done.
One caring heart is all it takes to touch a life – “Just One.”

So you see, on my own, I can’t do very much.
But put me with some other “ones” and soon you’ll have a bunch
Of sisters in the gospel, who truly understand,
That my one plus your one results in service grand.

Poem written by: Debbie Ableman

Sometimes we don’t do anything, because we are waiting to do the perfect thing, something grand, and in the process of waiting, we miss out! Doing the small and simple things may not always be recognized by a spouse, or a boss, or a family member, or friend, but those small and seemingly insignificant things are always recognized by the ONE that we should look to for recognition. He puts all of our “just ones” together and creates a grand master piece! We can do so much as we unite in bringing about good. It’s the best medicine for happiness! There is no better feeling than being a small part of such an amazing masterpiece! When you are feeling insignificant, lonely, discouraged, or in despair, ask Heavenly Father to let you be part of a masterpiece. Ask Him to guide you to someone in need. He will always answer your prayer and you will feel the true, deep, and lasting happiness that really counts!…even if no one else notices.

We may not have the time to do it all, we may feel inadequate at times, or we may feel that we are not making a big difference, but when we put our “just ones” together, we are part of something grand!


This article was seen first on Real Imprints.