Where Our Savior Laid His Head

When I think about where our King and Savior laid his head for the very first time as a precious and fragile baby, I’m reminded why we are here.

Think with me for a minute.

Our Heavenly Father could have had our King born in any circumstances. It could have been clean. It could have been soft. It could have been easy. It could have been in a welcoming home. It could have been somewhere pristine, or at the least, respectable. It could have been in His own home.

But instead…

It was in a stable. It was with animals. It was hard. It was humble. It was uncertain. But it was powerful.

I believe Heavenly Father wanted us to learn many things through Christ’s birth. He wanted to remind us what was important. He wanted to tell us that He doesn’t care about wealth, fame, status, or fortune. He cares about humility, love, acceptance, faith, and peace.

After seeing some of the most amazing people in homes similar to those that our Savior may have been raised in, this Christmas season has felt different to me. It’s meant more to me. My mind has been taken to places about the birth of Christ that I’ve never thought about before, and I’ve had a desire to refocus and recommit.

I pray that we will intentionally study and ponder about the birth of the most royal King that has ever walked on this earth. I think our Heavenly Father was trying to tell us something.