Remembering Haiti

Haiti Earthquake

I have been doing a lot of remembering Haiti today. It’s been 5 years today since the big earthquake struck that killed hundreds of thousands and shook the lives of everyone else on that vulnerable island. It’s so hard when we are living so far away and are consumed in our own busy lives to remember what is going on across our country, let alone, across the ocean.

I love seeing people and organizations sacrifice the comforts of their own lives, homes, and families to help those in need. All of these pictures were taken by Travis Gugelman, from Dando Amor. He and his team spread hope to people and children daily! It’s so inspiring to see!

There are multiple mission groups that have answered the call to serve in Haiti! It’s incredible!

Remembering Haiti

We may not all be able to spend our days in Haiti, helping them rebuild their shattered lives, but we can all pray to find out what we can do! There are so many ways we can help those in Haiti, as well as those all around us that are less fortunate. Even if it’s a simple prayer.

Sometimes the hardest part is remembering.


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