Raising Money For Cancer

MaryLyn Haggard 2

My Doll Pageant

by MaryLynn Haggard

I wanted to make a difference in life, I really did. So I did what everyone wants to do, raised money for cancer.

I got the idea for a doll pageant from a TV show, (thank goodness for TV). The actors had dolls and were doing a classic pageant. I thought it was a good idea, not judging a person’s personality, perfect, or so I thought.

First, I had to get some prizes for the pageant. My mom and I walked up to the counter of “Summit Up To Hair.” I was terrified. I’ve never been very good at talking to adults, scary! But with a bit of practice I became for comfortable with it.

Then it was time!MaryLyn Haggard 3

I was nervous, very nervous. Lucky me, I had taken public speaking last quarter at school. I spoke smoothly and pretended not to be nervous. The contestants (friends from school and church) did great! And I was so proud when my best friend, Aubrey and her doll, Caroline, raised the most money and won the title of Miss Kickin’ Cancer.

I loved my mom’s idea that all the girls got a title and a prize. It was fun and I feel good that I helped, even if it was only $386.

I helped someone.

(The charity we helped was: Alex’s Lemonade Stand at http://www.alexslemonade.org/mypage/117434)

Story written by: MaryLynn Haggard

This story first appeared on Real Imprints.