The Power of Women

The Power of Women

I LOVE being a woman! I have never felt the need to compare myself or try to measure up to men, not even a little bit. It’s not a matter of measuring up! Men and women are so very different by nature, and to me it seems so silly to try to be the same. To take it further, we are all so different as individuals. Why do we sometimes feel the need to compare ourselves, whether it be by gender, status, monetarily, or talents? The list could go on and on! That is just our pride talking, and when pride talks, it hinders us! God has a different plan, and it doesn’t include pride!

Women are powerful! If I had the time, I could spend days and months spending every minute of everyday, writing about amazing women that have inspired me, women that have overcome hard things, women that have stayed faithful through the most difficult of circumstances, women who are selfless and give so much of their time and talents to bless their family, women who get little recognition or appreciation that continue on their path of raising the next generation in righteousness and with values, women who come home from work without an ounce of energy left yet somehow muster up 10 ounces to give to their family, women who have been betrayed who find it in their hearts to forgive and love again, women who are left to raise their children alone, women who fight internal battles everyday yet still find the courage to keep going! These are all women of power! Women of status in my books!

Satan would have us believe that these are not the things that matter, and definitely not status. He would have us believe that we are not enough, that there are so many things we don’t accomplish, that we shouldn’t even worry about the things we do accomplish. He would have our minds be so preoccupied by the everyday stresses and trials in our lives, that we don’t look outward and bless those around us. Satan would have women believe that they are not enough, that they need to be like men, but I disagree!

Women of God are powerful! I recently was reminded of a quote I absolutely love! “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, ‘Oh Crap, She’s Up!'”

We have that power! The power to influence. The power to lift. The power to love. The power to change little people’s lives, as well as big people. The power to leave imprints wherever we go!

We are not perfect and that’s okay. We are in the process of becoming! We will fall, but we will always get back up! We will be told by society that we need to do this or that, or be this or that, in order to be successful, but we don’t! Don’t listen!

We each have different paths that God has prepared for us. Paths that no one else can walk for us. Paths that we will miss out on if we don’t start walking! They will all be different, but they are all important. Let’s be women of power that every morning when we drag our exhausted bodies out of bed, the devil says, “Oh crap, she’s up”! Let’s do this!

We want to hear about your own personal stories, as well as the women in your life that have inspired and influenced you! We would love to extend personal invitations to women to share their story, so if there is someone who has inspired you, please let us know! Let’s fill May up with stories of powerful women!


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