Our Unforgettable Humanitarian Trip to Haiti

Our trip to Haiti has been so hard to describe in words. I’ve written some about our trip, but there is so much that it’s hard to know where to start and stop. We never want to forget our mission trip to Haiti because it has forever changed us. As time quickly passes and the crazy of our lives has convened, we’ve found it’s easy for feelings and thoughts to fade. We made this video as a priceless reminder of all we saw, the incredible people we met, and the life changing experiences we had. We hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to our donors who made it possible to get bunk beds for orphans who were sleeping on the floor and strollers for orphans with special needs who are bedridden simply because there aren’t enough strollers and wheelchairs to sit them up. Many of the orphans they blessed are in this video.

We also want to thank those who donated time and items to help the people and children in Haiti! We saw a lot of smiles of hope thanks to all who generously gave!

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