Our Own Army Hero

Soldier Heroes

I believe heroes are defined by how they choose to serve others and not themsleves. They are selfless, full of charity, kind, and have integrity. They are all around us, quietly acting, quietly serving, and quietly making a difference. Sometimes those heroes choose to go to war. They choose to fight for freedom and sometimes they choose to die for freedom.

I have thought about this a lot lately as we are celebrating Independence Day soon. I think about all the heroes that I have never met who have given me my freedom…my America today. But there is a hero I do get to know, one that is a part of my own family. Someone my kids look up to.

He is the youngest of six children and one of five strong, wild, fun boys (his sister sure had her hands full). He is an Idaho boy. He is Uncle Paul to my kids. He is their hero.

Three years ago he joined the army, our first ever in our family. He surprised us all with declaring he was going to be in front infantry. But we pray and we are proud.

I never realized how proud we were of him until he came to visit before he left for Afghanistan. He told my kids he would come to eat lunch with them at their school. My kids begged him to wear his uniform. They wanted to show how proud they were of him….we all were. Those couple hours of lunch were magic. They held his hand, smiled, and showed him off like any niece and nephew. But those kids in the lunch room, well they just couldn’t take their eyes off him. They were in awe, they talked to him, they thanked him, and they honored him. It was the sweetest and greatest lunch ever!

One month later he left for Afghanistan, and served there for 9 months. My kids prayed every day for Uncle Paul. They worried but they were still proud. They still talk about that lunch. That lunch where they could show to their friends someone they love and someone they are proud of. They will always remember that day.

I hope to honor him with this post and thank him for his service to his God, his country, and to his family. Our family is so grateful for our own army HERO!

Story written by: Tasha

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