Our Mini Miracle

Real Imprints

Today we had a mini miracle. A lesson learned that I won’t forget. I hope the kids won’t forget either.

We were raking leaves outside and the kids had gotten a bit rambunctious. Brooke threw leaves in Spencer’s face, so he took off his glasses. Of course, he dropped them accidentally into a pile of leaves. A mountain of thousands of leaves. All colors, black, brown stems and a maze of a mess. We searched and searched through the leaves and couldn’t find them anywhere. I was telling myself to not get mad, because what does getting mad ever do? It just brings up bad feelings and causes more anger. So, we prayed that we would be able to find the glasses.

We raked all the leaves into a pile and carefully tried to put them into the leaf bags, while also watching out for the glasses. It was tricky with three “helpful” kids. They really were trying. Especially when I reminded Brooke and Spencer that they would be paying for new glasses if we couldn’t find them. We had bagged eight huge bags of leaves and still couldn’t find them. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to empty them all and not find the glasses, but they had to be somewhere!

I told Spencer to go somewhere quiet and pray to find them and to listen afterwards to see if any ideas came to his head. I wanted to give him the opportunity to understand prayer. Brooke and I were still looking through the leaves and not finding anything. We had been listening to music and I had the feeling to turn off the music and be still. To not have any excess noise entering my head. So, I turned off the music and I could hear the birds singing and the leaves blowing and it was so peaceful. I had the feeling that we should look through the bags again. But there were eight of them! Brooke and I went over to the car to decide which one to go through first. We said a prayer that we would be able to find the glasses. After the prayer, Brooke pointed at a bag and said, “This one.” What did we have to lose?

We grabbed the bag and started going through it, a little bit at a time. Spencer came over and took Brooke’s spot in the search. About halfway through the bag, there were the glasses! I couldn’t believe it! We had found them and on the first bag. That was awesome, but it wasn’t the miracle. This was the mini miracle. Brooke said, “I heard a voice tell me ‘This is the bag’.” And you know what, I believe her. I believe that the Spirit told her where to look because she is innocent and will listen. She will listen without question.

I know that Heavenly Father cared about our situation. I know that glasses are important to him, because they are important to us. Sure, we could have bought more glasses, but why buy more glasses when Heavenly Father is there to help us. When all He wants is for me to put my trust in Him, so that He can teach me and help me. I am so grateful for this experience. It gave me the chance to be patient. It gave Brooke the chance to feel the Holy Ghost. It gave Spencer the chance to pray for something He needed help with. It brought us together. I won’t forget that on a beautiful Fall day, Heavenly Father sent us a little miracle through a little girl who was willing to listen.

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Story written by: Heather Bell

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