Our Bake Sale Imprint Opportunity!

I’m so excited to tell you about our Bake Sale Imprint Opportunity!!! We were able to raise $400!!! It was so fun and such a blessing to be part of!!!

You may remember the featured story about our friend David, “Beating Cancer with Humor and Love”. He is my daughter’s piano teacher, Beverly’s, husband. Beverly is LOVED by many kids and adored by all their parents. She has a love for music and life, and is so optimistic and encouraging to the kids. When I found out David had cancer I just cried for them. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Every time I would pull up in the driveway for piano lessons, I’d see him busy at work in the yard…every single time. He’s in his 70’s and just loves to be outside. Beverly jokes that it’s his first love.:-) They have many acres that they have orchestrated into a beautiful art piece. They have ponds and trees, flowers, plants and rocks. It’s gorgeous. I often think of how much work it would take to keep it up, and it makes me tired just thinking about it. Yet, they do it all themselves. She’s told me that they love to create together and they’ve spent the last 30 years creating together!…that made me cry even more. These are just salt of the earth people that know what’s important in life and live it to its fullest!

Bake Sale TableWhen we found out the news, and that he’d have to go to Minnesota for treatments every 3 weeks, Brooke and I talked about what we could do and we decided to lead a bake sale on their behalf. We invited all of her piano students and their families to participate however they’d like or could. It was an amazing experience. Again, we felt God’s hand in the process. We had our location fall through and the day before “Zamzow’s” said they don’t normally do that, but they felt like this was a great cause and they wanted to help support it. Everyone’s schedules were all over the board, but when everyone sent me when they could do it, it was a perfect match…to the minute. It was crazy! A HUGE thank you to all those that made this possible!…

Real ImprintsWe had so many helping hands! It was amazing to see everyone so willing to give of their time and come help! There was so much yummy food baked by the little pianists! It looked delicious and there was such great a variety!

Bake Sale EddiThis is Edie and she takes lessons from Beverly. I sat and talked with her as we were manning the bake sale, and I was inspired by her. When I grow up, I want to be like her…she’s still finding and developing talents even still. Pretty cool!

Bake Sale TwinsI was sad I didn’t get a picture of everyone that helped, but I’m glad we got a few!


Our Cute Sign Shakers…

Bake Sale MeggyThe piano students made some signs. I love how some of the things are spelled wrong. True and authentic kid awesomeness! They were all so excited to be part of it…maybe not so excited about the heat, but excited about the opportunity to help!:-)

Bake Sale Paige

Bake Sale Street signs

Bake Sale Aaron

And this, in my opinion, was the cutest sign shaker of all. As I watched him with my kids, in the hot sun, trying to teach them to serve, it made me love him that much more. I had one of those “MAN I LOVE that guy” moments!

Service doesn’t always come at the most convenient times, and sometimes it’s hard to fit it in our busy schedules, but I know from my experiences, that we will never regret serving and we will be better for it. Service is a funny thing because you do it to bless others, but in reality, often times it blesses the one serving more.

There is nothing more rewarding that to hear someone say that you’ve made an imprint on their heart! Beverly was so grateful…she said, “There should be a better word than thank you.” The bonds made by simple acts of kindness are priceless!

Great work piano students! You pulled off an amazing bake sale!

If you have and extra frequent flyer miles from Delta or if you’d like to support David beat cancer, please click HERE


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