Operation: “You Are Loved”



Please join us in our FIRST quarterly “Imprint Opportunity”! We’ve decided to jump in with both feet and get things started quickly! We are excited to do a Valentine’s Stuffed Animal Drive for Women and Children’s Shelters that are fleeing from abusive situations.  A lot of the people at these shelters (men, woman, and children) are escaping situations that are very hard to leave, for many different reasons. We want to give them something to smile about on Valentine’s Day. Something to let them know they are loved and admired for their courage. We realize there isn’t a lot of time but really felt like this is something we should do this year. Below is more information if you’d like to participate in “Operation: You are Loved”!


Please send new stuffed animals (they cannot be used due to health codes) to the locations listed below. They need to be received by February 13th to be included in this drive. Anything received after that date we be saved and used for future Imprint Opportunities. We will include a “Valentine” with their stuffed animal and deliver it on Valentine’s day!

What Can I Do?

1)    Send/Drop off any new stuffed animal(s) (does not have to be a “valentine’s” stuffed animal) to one of the addresses below or to a Real Imprints Team Member.
2)    Volunteer to be a Local Organizer for “Operation: You Are Loved”. (More information under “Volunteer” Tab on the Home Page.)
3)    Donate money towards “Operation: You are Loved” and members of the Real Imprints Team will purchase stuffed animals for the drive.

 When: February 14, 2014
(We must receive all stuffed animals by February 13th)

Locations: Right now we have two locations you can send your stuffed animals to for Operation: You are loved

Real Imprints
PO Box 1742
Eagle, ID 83616

Real Imprints
P.O. Box 1852
Denver, NC 28037

“Bearly Visible” image by JD HancockImage edited. CC BY 2.0