One Nation UNDER GOD

Civil War
I got to see a large group of proud fifth-graders put on an incredible Civil War program. They sang, danced, and performed speaking parts like pros. They were so well prepared and the special effects were awesome! The superintendent who normally doesn’t get up to comment, got up and went so far to say this was the best fifth-grade program she’s ever seen and thought that no other fifth-graders in the nation could top that performance. It was a pretty spectacular show for these cute novice performers. They’ve been learning the Civil War this term and it was the perfect ending to a semester filled with knowledge and love for our nation.

Throughout the term and program, I found myself thinking to myself, “I’m glad they still let them learn about this. I’m glad this hasn’t been taken out of the curriculum yet. I hope they won’t have to stop doing this program. I wonder if a parent is going to complain about this or that with this program.”

How sad is that?

Why do I even have to even think these things? Why is it that a minority has such a pull on our nation, education, and values?

It’s because they speak up and the others don’t. I normally wouldn’t call and tell the school board that I am so grateful for these things that they are teaching the kids, and that I support and am proud of the fact that they keep God in the pledge, and in their programs and performances, but the other side so often speaks their mind, and I think it’s about time I speak mine.

Let me tell you why.

At the end of this powerful performance before the last song, a cute spunky girl in her civil war getup and with her hair curled in ringlets stood up in front of the microphone and with enthusiasm and passion proudly proclaimed, “ONE NATION.(Pause) INDIVISIBLE – (Pause)” and right then my mind took me for a ride – for a moment I thought they took “under God” out. It made my heart race and my eyes fill with tears just that fast. I thought all my fears were coming true. Thankfully, she wasn’t reciting the pledge, and she didn’t take out “under God”, she was just emphasizing that we are “One Nation! Indivisible – That is America!”

The next song was powerful and tears filled many onlookers eyes, tears streamed down my face as I thought about how scary and sad it is that our nation is moving away from God. A nation that has been protected by and given countless blessings from the very one who many are trying to forget.

There are so many rules and regulations that have to be followed because those that speak their opinion, though they are the minority, are the ones that get heard and often dictate what goes on in this nation.

This experience put a little fire under my tushy – to do my part to keep God in everything!

So this time I’m going to find out who I talk to and tell them how grateful I am that they’ve kept God in their programs. One of our daughters did an “Around the World” program earlier in the year and our fifth-grader was a part of this touching Civil War program. In both programs it was applicable to sing songs that mentioned “God” and they did! It was so refreshing and encouraging! They need to know how I feel so if they hear from someone else, they will know both sides.

It is scary to think about what this nation will come to if we start taking God out of it, and that is exactly what’s going to happen if we don’t take the time to make our voices heard. God is why this country is what it is. God fearing men are the ones that started this great country and we need to continue to elect leaders with that vital characteristic. History shows that over the years, God has blessed, protected, and provided for America. If we forget Him, He will have no problem taking it all away.

Let’s stand up for, speak up for, and live for our “One Nation, UNDER GOD, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All!”


This article was seen first on Real Imprints.