Nothing Better

Those Mommy MomentsIt was a lazy morning, one where you are laying in bed unshowered, unfed, semidressed and perfectly happy with it. The kids were in bed with me unshowered, fed, and in their underwears. My kids do not wear clothes in the summer. They love not getting dressed and I don’t mind not fighting them to get dressed. Anyway. Spencer started going through a tan and old looking chest filled with my treasures from years past. Many years past and way overdue to be organized. In fact, so overdue that the lid won’t fit on anymore. He would ask after grasping each item, “What’s this?”, “Mom, what’s this for?” It really was fun. One item, my college diploma, still in it’s case and I thought, “I should frame that.” The next item, a picture of Hailey in my belly. And I thought, “Wow! Where has the time gone?” He continued to pull out item after item: my letter to myself written as a 14 year old girl entitled “My perfect husband”, various art projects the kids had done, a cute picture of Spencer in a blue tissue paper flower for Mother’s Day. He continued to pull out my memories: old high school dance pictures (few have had the privilege of viewing), my first story I wrote entitled, “The Wicked Quenn” (It was second grade, so yes, it said “quenn”), an ultrasound picture of the baby I miscarried at 10 weeks (dated 7/12/06).

The greatest part of this experience was the cheering I got from my kids as each item was pulled out. “Wow, mom that is so cool!” “What was college like?” “I remember making that picture!” We made it through only half of the box when Spencer pulled out a Mary Engelbreit picture, a small picture from a day by day calendar I got as a teenager from my mom for some holiday. The picture was of a tired and loving mother rocking in a chair with a sweet baby resting on her shoulder. The mother’s whisps of hair hang down into her face, but the expression on her face is one of tranquility and peace. One of happiness and joy. There is nothing in this moment except for mother and baby. On the bottom of the picture, there is this quote by Charles Dickins:

“It is not a slight thing when they who are so fresh from heaven love us”.

I remember first reading that quote when I was young and it struck me and stayed with me. After I read it again, I looked at my three sweethearts who are truly so fresh from heaven. And so in love with me at this point. And there is nothing better. Truly, I am a lucky woman to have three sweet and innocent children love me. So lucky to have my kids so interested in my life that they want to go through my precious momentos and treasures and not get bored. To cheer me on for different accomplishments and think I am just great. I hope I can live up to their standard!

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Story written by: Heather Bell

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