A New Foot For Lydia

A New Foot for Lydia


My niece reached out to me, wondering if Real Imprints could help raise money for this sweet girl Lydia. She goes to her school and is in second grade. She recently had her foot amputated and is raising money for a prosthetic foot. They are less than $700 from their goal! Below you can read more of her story, and you can also visit their fundraiser website to donate or learn more!

Our eight year old Lydia has lived with so much pain for many years. She needs a prosthetic foot. Please help us make this happen for her.

Lydia is a shining example of always having a smile on her face even through her trials. She has a zest for life and can hardly sit still even when it hurts too much to walk. You can find her on the trampoline most of the time jumping on one foot. She loves to share her excitement and love for others.

Lydia was born with a venous malformation in her left foot where new clusters of veins are continuously growing compromising the function of her foot and causing pain. This disease has cause a lack of blood flow to her muscles in her foot and lower leg causing them to harden like a drying out sponge. This is called FAVA: Fibro Adipose Vascular Anomaly. This has added to the pain immensely making it even harder for her to stay active. After consulting with many doctors, and having her case reviewed by team of doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital, amputation is the only option. She currently is scheduled to have it done the end of March. Our hope is this will give her a new start on life and we know she will be able to do more with a prosthetic than she can now, hopefully pain free. Lydia has chosen this and is very positive and anxious to get this done.

She has had to have numerous tests and procedures in the past which definitely took it’s toll on us financially, but now our insurance costs have gone up considerably and we need help meeting our out of pocket maximum. We are also hoping to have enough to take Lydia to an Amputee convention in Arizona this summer so she can meet other kids like her.  Our family has gone through so much this last year with myself going through thyroid cancer,  a flood in the basement, needing to replace our refrigerator and water heater, and our vehicle needed to be replaced because of too many costly repairs. All these things in just a years time have depleted the small amount of resources we had, and we have nothing left to cover our out of pocket costs for Lydia. Anything will help, thank you!

Thank you Imprint Nation!