All Nature Bespeaks The Works of God

My husband is a nature junkie. He love, loves, LOVES to be out in God’s creations. His passion and love for the outdoors has rubbed off on our entire family so every chance we get, nature is where we go.

I’ve also always loved the outdoors, I used to be (#premamalife) an adrenaline seeker. I often found myself outside, repelling or jumping off cliffs, snow machining, skiing, and even skydiving. But I was missing a very important element in my younger years, I didn’t notice or recognize the miracle of the beauty around me. A big part of my husband’s love for nature is feeling close to God. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed the same love for nature. It truly bespeaks the works of God.

Our POWER CHALLENGE this week is to spend time in nature. Make an extra effort to feel and notice God’s works around you and then write down your thoughts.

My husband had a patient that was dealing with deep depression. This patient was at wits end and didn’t know what to do. He decided to live in the mountains and spend his days hiking and exploring. His depression completely disappeared. He was 100% healed. Complete healing may not be the result for everyone, but I do think that we under utilize the healing power of nature and taking the time to absorb God’s creations.

This week, let’s make an extra effort to notice and soak in the miracles of nature.

All nature seems to bespeak the works of God