Nate the Great

Real Imprints

My son, Nathan, was in tears after the first week of school. He was supposed to be heading out to the bus stop but instead was still in the house crying. He didn’t want to go to school. This had gone on the last school year too, and we never could figure out why he disliked school so much. This particular day, he finally told us why. He didn’t have anyone to sit by on the bus, he didn’t know anybody who sat by him in his classroom, nobody talked to him at lunch and nobody played with him at recess. I was so sad to hear this. I was finally able to coax him out the door. Then I turned to Facebook for any suggestions. Lots of ideas came, but the amazing part of that was the kids who stepped up to help him. The next day at the bus stop, two neighbor boys were so excited to see him and both asked if he would sit by him on the bus. At school, another friend asked him to play at recess and they’ve played together at recess and interacted in class a lot since then. It’s been so amazing to see the change just because a few kids decided to befriend my son.

The great part of all this is Nathan has started to return the favor. He’s been making friends with a boy who is brand new to the school. We’re so grateful for those friends who stepped up and left an imprint in Nathan’s life so that now he can make an imprint in the lives of others.

Story submitted by: Becky

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