My Red Shoe Experience at Tim’s Place

Our destination was Albuquerque, New Mexico. We had a lot to look forward to, Grandma and Grandpa, family, yummy southwest food, visiting friends we hadn’t seen in years, lots of beautiful sunshine, fun hikes, and of course, the amazing International Balloon Fiesta! Which was, and always is, amazing! The grass and sky fill with hundreds of hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes, in a matter of minutes ….it’s pretty breathtaking!

Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta


Albuquerque Balloon FiestaWhile we were driving in to Albuquerque from our LONG drive, we remembered that Albuquerque is the home of Tim’s Place. Our girls were so excited! They’d seen his Youtube video and wanted to go right then and there. They were crossing their fingers that he’d do his “good luck dance” for us.:-)

After many days of begging from the girls, we finally found time to pay a visit to Tim’s Place. It was honestly one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve ever had.

Down SyndromeRight when we walked in the door, we were greeted by Tim. The girls shyly gave him a side hug and he said, “give me a real hug.” They obliged with a big smile on their face.

Tim seated us and the experience continued with lots of entertainment…

Down SyndromeAfter singing different renditions of “Let it Go” to the girls, Tim disappeared and came out with a “Free Hugs” Olaf shirt and busted out with a man version of “Let it Go” for Aaron…the man topic, going potty.:-)

Down Syndrome


Down SyndromeThe entertainment continued with a sombrero dance with a little boy.

Down SyndromeTim handed the girls their kids meal menus and told them he was the one on the front so color it good:-) The kids took it to heart and colored master pieces!

Down Syndrome

Down SyndromeTim told the girls he had something for two of his favorite people, he gave Paige and Meg a dollar coin and then afterwards told the other girls, they are all his favorite and he loves them all. All the girls were happy and there was no fighting or bitter feelings over the coin…he seriously must have some magic dust he sprinkled on them!

Real Imprints

Down SyndromeHe “loved” grandma! He told everyone he loved them but he held a special spot in his heart for grandma. He told her about his grandma and then of course made us laugh when he told her not to get run over by a reindeer:-)

Down Syndrome

These cased shoes say it all. “YOU STAND OUT! ‘Make every experience a Red Shoes Experience’ -Tim Harris”

Going to Tim’s Place will always stand out in my mind…

*It’s like when we walked in the door and we left the world behind. Tim is so innocent, genuine, and happy. It was so refreshing!

*The staff that works there believe in a greater cause. They are top notch people!

*When we started feeling the oh so familiar hustle and bustle of life or frustration for whatever reason, Tim did something pure and genuine and our train of thought changed in a snap of a finger. It’s uncomfortable to be hurried or frustrated there. It just doesn’t fit. It made us think of how much better life is when you stop to smell the roses.

*We were reminded it’s ok to be ourselves. One of my daughters said she loved how he wasn’t afraid of what other people thought. He just did what he wanted to and had fun. It’s so good for kids to see that!

*We left the restaurant wanting to make a difference in society and in our community.

*We were reminded to dream big.

*We left feeling loved. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “I love you” so much in such a short period of time, and the best part is he really means it!

Down SyndromeThe Place was packed the entire time we were there! The General Manager (pictured above) is superb! His only sibling and sister, has down syndrome and he said that his parents raised them to reach their potential whatever it is. He has such such a big heart and is a top quality guy. He manages the restaurant, as well as helps Tim’s family with their foundation, Tim’s Big Heart Foundation, a New Mexico non-profit organization. The purpose of the organization is to assist other individuals with limited disabilities (like down syndrome), to achieve their goals and start small businesses. So cool!

It was neat to see him work with Tim. They are quite the team!

of course we couldn’t leave without hugs:-)

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Thank you for my Red Shoe Experience Tim and thank you for teaching my kids all that you did in the short time we were there! If we were locals, we would definitely be regulars!


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