My Kids Have Left Some Very Deep Imprints

Real Imprints

Ever since I was old enough to talk, I always said that I wanted to be a Mom.  I idolized my Mom.  I remember when my brother was born, I was eight years old and became his second mom.  We bonded early on.  I would wake up in the middle of the night when he cried.  As he got older, anytime he got in trouble or praised, he would reply, “Auna did it!”  I didn’t know exactly what being a mom entailed, but the idea of holding babies all day long, feeding them bottles, rocking them to sleep, and reading them books, had me hooked.  Every woman I looked up to was a loving, nurturing mother.  I thought I could do so much, being a stay at home mom.   I would raise a nation in the walls of my home.  I would teach honesty, integrity, humility and love.  I would teach them their states and capitals, and maybe even homeschool.  I had a dream of a nice family of 4-6 kids, being raised on whole wheat bread, no TV, great literature and love.

Don’t tell my kids but, I don’t know anything.  I basically wing it.  I shoot from the hip most days.  I use Google and Pinterest a lot.  I fail more than I win, but I try.  Somedays I’m more on my game, and then there are days like today, that I am still in my sweats with incredible bed head.  I am still in a crash course on mothering, eleven years and five kids later. I have failed Patience 101, too many times to count.  Along with Love 101, Nurturing 101, Listening 101, etc.   I barely graduated Infancy 501, and I’m now starting a new course, Preteen 101 and I am scared out of my mind.

Here are five little professors that I am trying to attend to at the same time.  I will share a tidbit of what they have taught me.

Auna Lake Powell

This summer we spent a lot of time on the road, and enjoyed our little family.  One of those trips was Lake Powell.  We had never been there as a family.  I had been in my youth and absolutely LOVED it, and wanted to share it with my family!  So we packed up and headed south.  I am from a fun loving, sometimes crazy family.  My Dad is always trying to kill us on the tubes, behind the boat.   We play a dare game of BUSHED, wee hours in the morning.  This trip was jumping off cliffs.  Many people were jumping and feeling the adrenaline course throughout their bodies, except Brigham.  He is a cautious kid.  He is determined to try new things and he will practice hours to get it right; although, cliff jumping just wasn’t his thing.  As I gazed up from the base of the cliff, I totally understood. It took him two days and many counsel sessions with his Dad and Uncle, until he finally made the jump.  When he made it down, he popped out of the water with a look of triumph and pure pride.

Brig is an example of determination, hard working and a magnificent negotiator.  He forces me to try hard things and really enjoy life.  He reminds me daily how I need to be better.

Real Imprints

I never know what I’ll get out of Elleigh Belly.   She likes to keep me on my toes.  She’s funny, sassy and always keeps me guessing.  One of my favorite things about this five year old, is her ability to make a friend and make them smile.  She loves to smile and wave at people in the grocery store and say, “Hi! What’s your name?”   I try to remind her not to talk to strangers, but she has it all figured out, “They aren’t strangers any more.”  She makes everyone around her happy.  She once asked her teacher, “Does my breath stink?” and then breathed in her face.   She is my mini me.  She is a socialite and isn’t afraid to be the life of the party.  When I entered kindergarten, my mom filled out a questionnaire about me. At the end she said, “Auna is the kind of girl who will dance on top of the table for you.  Please don’t stifle her enthusiasm.”  I, in turn wrote that very same statement on Elleigh’s form.  Elleigh has taught me to enjoy life, be a good friend and keep others laughing.

Bring a Mom

Truman has ran holes in his shoes, literally.  This kid is meant for speed.  He took off last year in his running career.  At his school they have a running program.  He had three other boys in his class that he would run with.  They received their 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 mile awards together.  They had a healthy little competition, and if one of them was out of town, they would be devastated that the others would pass him up.  One day I got an email from Truman’s teacher.  “These boys!  They were running again today.  Heath fell hard.  I thought they would keep running because they are all so competitive.  However, they all stopped, picked him up and waited for him until he was ready to run.  Then they all walked a lap together and then ran the rest of the way with him.”

Truman has a heart of gold, his compassion surpasses an average 7 year old.  I love his snuggles and especially his daily hugs.  He knows I can’t make it through my day without one.  I am taught constantly patience and love from this guy.

Real Imprints

This little bit of sunshine, Eva Dahlia is wise beyond her years.  She understands things that other 3 year olds wouldn’t get.  This summer in McCall, we had Craig’s Mom up for the weekend.  As any other grandma would be, she was a bit nervous with all the kids around the water.  By the second day we convinced her to try the jet ski.  As Eva watched her, she walked out to the dock and yelled, “It’s okay Grandma.  If you need me I’ll be right here.”  It was so darn cute and what added to the cuteness was Eva wouldn’t step foot on a jet ski.  Eva always has a kiss or hug ready.  She loves to snuggle at bedtime and wraps you up around your neck for a bear hug and won’t let go.  She told me last week, “Mom, I be nice, if you be nice. K?”  She is constantly reminding me of our agreement.  She gives me a daily dose of kindness and sympathy.  I cry regularly as I watch her grow, hoping the world won’t change her endearing sweetness.

Real Imprints

Miss M is always teaching me.  I am not a perfect Mother and she reminds me every day. She calls me out on my bull crap.  She’s only eleven, but she acts like my mom most of the time.  I remember fighting with her once and hearing, “Mom just stop!  It’s not helping!”  Slap in the face of reality.  I hope that my guinea pig will turn out OK, and that I don’t mess her up too much.  So far she’s fantastic and I am loving having a little diva to share shoes with.  A few years back she was struggling with a girl at school.  The girl was bigger and older for her grade and made fun of Emme and her art work.  She came home in tears and wanted to “just die”.  I sat with her and tried to explain why people aren’t nice sometimes.  I told her she didn’t have to be her friend and to just stay clear of her.  She had many friends that year and I encouraged her to play with someone else.  I even thought about talking to the teacher and asking for Emme to move seats away from this “friend”.  Yup, my Momma instincts were coming out and I wanted to meet this girl and have a little “talk”.  Well, before I could get any of my ideas out there, she came skipping home the next day, happy as can be.  As it turns out I have a very forgiving daughter.  She didn’t take any of my advice.  Instead, she invited her to sit with her at lunch.  She acted like nothing happened.  She chose to not take offense and forgive.   She has taught me to forgive and love unconditionally.

I am pretty sure this isn’t your typical imprint story, but these kids have left some very deep imprints, if not holes, in my heart.   They push me to be better, to stand taller and to love deeper.  I hope one day I will be worthy of their love.  I am not much of a great student, but I love to learn.  I hope my little professors will be easy on me; I’ve never done this before.

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Story written by: Auna Leigh

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