Motorcycle Rally: Donate for Debbie

kim's story3  I love reading and listening to uplifting and motivational stories, whether it be about a person facing their struggles or an animal being rescued.  I live in Rigby, ID with my sweet husband and my children.  Through this, I hope to not only share my own story but that of my best friend Debbie.   kim's story4 Debbie Bulstrode is one of my beautiful friends that has gone through a lot these past few years.  She had to have both her kidneys removed in April of 2013 due to a disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease.  This meant she had to go on dialysis three days a week.  It made it almost impossible to keep her current job as a manager for an ear, nose, and throat physician office due to being so sick and tired after dialysis.  She eventually had to quit and go on disability.  Their household income was immediately cut in half.  And to make things worse, both her and her husband lost their 32 year old daughter to a terrible boating accident that same summer.  So needless to say, things were very tough for the Bulstrode family.  But with all of that going on Debbie always remained postitive.   Kims story1 She had 6 living donors that went through the process of trying to give her a kidney, but all of them failed on the last test every time.  She went through several highs and lows, hoping the next friend or relative would be the one.  Finally after months and months of disappointments, her cousin Colleen was cleared to be the living kidney donor for Debbie!!!!   Everyone was thrilled to pieces. kim's story6   kim's story5 Debbie and I are very fortunate to have amazing girl friends.  We all met through riding motorcycles!  We absolutely love to ride and we have been fast friends for a long time.   So as a group, we wanted to help Debbie any way we could when expenses were getting out of control.  kim's story2 We decided to organize a kidney awareness rally for her to help raise money and awareness for kidney disease.  It was a lot of hard work and dedication from all of the girls to get sponsors, money venues etc….but it was the most beautiful day!!! Everything went off without a hitch and we were overwhelmed with the love and support of the community and family and friends that donated so much to help a great lady and her family!!!! kim's story7   We even had an amazing photographer that donated a lot of his own personal time and money to shoot a calendar of all of us biker girls to sell at the rally!!! Super fun! She had her kidney transplant in march of this year and her and her cousin Colleen are doing fantastic!!  Debbie feels like she has a new lease on life and it has given her husband a new found hope after their devastating loss of their daughter.  It has also made me want to do more  for others that are not as blessed as I am.  kim's story8 Since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January, I have learned to appreciate and never take good health for granted. I am trying to donate my time and energy into helping others with type 1!  Currently I am getting a big bike group together to help raise money for a great rally called “Rollin for a Cause” in Blackfoot Idaho next weekend.  It started for a mother of a little girl who died from complications of Juvenile Diabetes, and over the past 3 years raised over  $50,000.00 to help local families with diabetes!!  kim's story9   It is amazing what just a few good people can do. I always try to encourage those who are struggling with anything in their lives to look outside themselves and help someone else.  It will always turn their attitudes toward God and serving, which will make them feel much better about their own circumstances!!!  I love this website and will encourage others to share their beautiful stories!!! 

Story written by: Kimberly Hart

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