More “Ta Da” Talk

Ta Da

There was one day that I was just going and going, running from one thing to the next. From the second my feet hit the ground that early morning, I was on the go. Partly because we had a lot going and partly because I had procrastinated some things I could have done sooner.

I was waiting in line at Hobby Lobby and it hit me…In a moment of embarrassment, my mind was racing back over the morning; I had quickly thrown sweats on and was still wearing at least half of what I had worn for pjs the night before, I wasn’t sure if I’d even taken the time to glance in the mirror that morning to see what I looked like, my baby was still in footy pajamas, both of us needed to take a brush to our hair, not to say anything about the shower I had skipped to save a few minutes. I had already gone to the girls’ school and talked with the office lady and principle about our “Imprint Opportunity” we were working with them on, stopped by to see friend in need, and now was at Hobby Lobby and it was now past 12:30pm.

My mind started going to the oh so common territory women’s minds often go. I was thinking about all the things I hadn’t done. I was thinking about how embarrassing it was that I had been out in public all morning looking like this and wondering what we looked like to others. Then I stopped myself in my tracks, as I felt myself visibly shrinking. I decided not to go there. I started thinking about all the things I had done. I thought about the good I had done for my kids that morning, the good I had done for their school and the community, and the good I’d done for my friend. I was at the store for something that had been on my to do list for a while and I was finally getting it done.

I started to feel myself grow a little taller again, but still trying to talk myself through the embarrassment, I looked down at my baby and she was happy as a clam. She didn’t care what she was wearing or who was looking at her. She was just happy to be along for the ride and life was good! She was saying “hi, hI, HI, HI!!!” loud and proud to almost every stranger that crossed her path! That’s all it took to snap me out it.

Kids seem to have a super-power to see the things they DO, and completely forget about and overlook the things they don’t do. As adults (and especially as women), it seems like we are blinded and paralyzed by what we haven’t done or can’t do.

I got to hear Meg Johnson speak and I will never forget one of the things she talked about. She told the audience that instead of focusing so much on our “To Do” list and what we don’t get done, write a “Ta Da” list at the end of the day of all the things we did do! GENIUS right???

So when you are in the cheese isle and you have no makeup on and you are in your sweats (or pjs like me:-)), be loud and proud and wave and smile at those passing by. It will make your day better! You could even add to your “Ta Da” list, “I made others feel good about themselves today.” (hehe)

I heard a great talk titled “Forget Me Not” , given by Dieter Uchtdorf. In it he said, “I want to tell you something that I hope you will take in the right way: God is fully aware that you and I are not perfect. Let me add: God is also fully aware that the people you think are perfect are not.”

It’s just so true! We waste our time comparing ourselves to those around us, friends, family members…fictional “perfect” people. People that do not really exist! Instead, we need to look at ourselves. We need to see our own personal triumphs and progress (little and big), and see the things we ARE doing!

The venom that kills the super-power that kids have, but so quickly lose, is comparison and negative self-talk. We need to stop! It’s a waste of time, and it kills our ability to be who we can become!

We will be able to become, and allow others to become, as we use more “Ta Da” talk and a lot less “To Do” talk.


This article was seen first on Real Imprints.