Moral Laws

God's LawsRecently, there has been an extreme moral revolution in society. Moral guidelines and lifestyle expectations have practically vanished. Everything is accepted – and if you don’t accept it, shame on you! And then comes the immediate judgment that you don’t love people that think differently than you. Wait what? You have to agree to love?

The answer is a resounding NO!

You can love the person without loving the decision.

It’s like this. A parent has a child. The child decides she wants to think for herself. She’s had urges and “temptations” and she’s ready to explore them. She’s talked herself into not believing in God anymore, and now she suddenly feels freedom of conscience. She gets into drugs, has multiple sex partners, cuts, and follows all her “natural” urges and desires. Her argument is that she was born with these urges so shouldn’t she be able to act on them?

The parents can love their child without loving her decision, or feeling like they need to vote for legalizing drugs and everything else that her lifestyle entails. She feels like she should be able to act on her urges, but the parents disagree. Does that mean they don’t love her? NO!

Your neighbor deals with same sex attraction and has chosen to act on his urges. He and his partner are kind and love serving others in their community.

You can love your neighbor without loving his decision or feeling like you need to vote or agree with same sex relationships or marriage.

You can love the person without loving the decision.

Now there is a small, minute, minority that will disown their kids in these circumstances, or will judge and mistreat their neighbor, but the majority of people that disagree with the moral decisions of others, can and do love the person making the decision.

I am among those that believe in God’s moral laws. I am among those that love the person without loving their decision. I am among those that will never vote against God’s moral laws.

Recently, there was a story in the news. A man, who is gay, adopted a son. The son is now grown. The father and son now want to get married. Is that okay? Should we allow that?

When we remove God’s laws, all of the sudden there are no definite lines. Lines are drawn and laws are made on public opinion (which is scary), trends (which is even scarier), and twisted and half told issues (which is even scarier)!

If we stick with God’s laws, and the laws of the Constitution (which was God inspired), we know that the father and son should not be able to get married, but if we go off of public opinion, which is “they love each other, they should be able to get married”, then this extremely immoral situation becomes a topic of discussion and possibility. Where do you draw the line if it’s not God’s line? Everyone will have a different opinion, and those opinions will change with time and before we know it, our society is morally corrupt.

Christ is our perfect example. He led a perfect life, loving everyone, whether a sinner or a believer, but he NEVER changed God’s laws to make others feel accepted or comfortable.

You can love the person without loving the decision.

The media can and will continue to manipulate and distort this and other topics, making me, fellow Christians, and those that believe in God’s moral laws, out to be haters and discriminators, but try as they may, there are eternal laws they can never change.

God’s unchanging moral laws, should be our unchanging moral laws.

There are two things I’m sure of, despite the moral trends, I will never back down from defending God and His laws, that were and will always be; and I will never stop loving those with and without my beliefs.


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