The Power of Supermoms: why moms are more powerful than superman!

power of supermoms

Clark Kent isn’t the only one who has super powers. He may be faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, but every mom has him beat.

IT’s true! The REAL SUPER HEROES are MOMS! Some of you moms out there may feel that what you do goes unrecognized and unnoticed, that you don’t have any super powers worth mentioning.

Ha…this is where you are wrong!

God, the most powerful being in the universe, entrusted women with the power to bring children into this world. That is a huge responsibility that is very often overwhelming, over exhausting, and over…you get my point. But he knows how difficult a job you are managing. You don’t think that he left you empty handed do you? Of course not! He equipped each mother with her own set of superpowers that would humble even Superman.

We all know that every mom has the power of flight as she hustles kids to and from football practice, to and from dance recitals, to and from Wal-Mart for materials to finish that book report, to and from the movies…need I go on? The point is, with the power of flight, every mom can be in 10 places at once. Hmmm, chew on that one a minute!

A mother has super-strength as she lifts her babies and snuggles them in her arms (like 100 times a day) or when she carries car seats and fifty bags at once with only two hands. And she carries spiritual strength when she cries with her child after a bad day or comforts a little one who is sick. Super strength really comes in handy when you are so tired and exhausted yet you still find strength to make dinner, fold clothes or go to work even when you think you have nothing left.

Every mom is invulnerable to non-magical attacks. Whatever stress or danger is catapulted her way, the mommy fire kicks in and she fights back. As her children are number one, she won’t let anything get in the way.

Super-speed is the power to get things done fast because Heaven knows the list never gets shorter but longer by the second. Times a tickin’ so we have to learn to be fast and efficient. Hence the ability to multi-task which every man would agree is a super power all its own!

And every mom comes equipped with vision powers, super intelligence, and super hearing. How else can we know what happened without being there? How do you think you hear a baby cry in the middle of the night? How else can you see right through that innocent look when you know someone has snuck a few extra cookies? And when necessary, the stare down can emit confessions and truth telling as needed. This power also allows you to recognize when your child is struggling, when they need a hug, when they need love, when they need someone to talk to. Yep, it’s thanks to these super powers.  The kids don’t know you have them but they are always amazed when they ask “How did you know?” And you say, “I just knew.”

But there is one super power that moms have that superman doesn’t. It is the power that propels us to give all we have to our children. It is the power that motivates us to serve and love them unconditionally. It is the power that keeps us working 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week with little sleep. It is the power that allows us to shape beautiful little people into something FANTASTIC. That power is the ability to see in our children their POTENTIAL. A mother knows that her child is worth more than a price. If she gives all she can to her kids, she hopes they will grow up to be something great, something wonderful, and someone that will make her proud. Yes, the ability to see the future, to see your kid’s potential is a special power every mother has.

You moms are amazing. You are great. You are strong! You do a work that is the greatest in all the world! Don’t underestimate your power! Even superman with all the powers in the world knows that a mother is a true SUPERHERO!



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