Mommy Arms

Every year as Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t help but think about the countless women that yearn to be moms. Those that want nothing else but to fill their mommy arms with “their own” baby. There are so many women that would give anything for this dream to come true, yet their arms remain empty. They often have to pass young single moms on the streets or see people in the store in far less than ideal circumstances that have 1, 2, or 10 kids that they struggle to care for.  It’s a difficult cross to bear. My heart aches for these empty armed mamas often, but especially this time of year.

This year my mind goes to the countless children that don’t have any mommy arms to hold them…


When we were in Haiti, the toddlers would just melt in our arms. They don’t have moms to tuck them into bed for a nap. They just go-go-go until you hold them and love on them and then their whole body seems to relax and before you know it, they are snoozin’! It’s so sweet, yet so sad to me.

My mind also goes to the kids that don’t have moms to sit by them and talk to them about the facts of life or about how their little life is going and what their day was like…

Mother's Day 2015 - orphan

I’ve thought about the kids that don’t have a mom to play and laugh with. They don’t have a mom who thinks they are the greatest thing on earth…

Mothers Day 2015

Orphans will go to anyone and they love and crave attention from anyone.

This year, the wheels won’t stop turning about all the millions of adorable kids without a mom to do for them all the things that moms do. These kids definitely won’t be making footprint flowers, decorating a card, or singing a song for their mom this year. It’s hard to imagine life without a mom this time of year.

OrphansHug your kids a little more this week. Even though some days are hard, we are so blessed to have each other.

And please pray for the sweet kids that don’t have mommy arms to crawl into when they are hurt or tired or just need a snuggle. Prayers work and I know God comforts these incredible kids!

These kiddos are resilient and amazing! They smile, laugh, and play just like other kids, but really…who doesn’t need mommy arms to pick you up when you fall and to remind you how amazing you are when you doubt it?

It’s something that is so easily taken for granted, but we really are so blessed to have mommies in our lives!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, aunts, friends, and all those that mother children around them every day! It’s so great to be a woman!


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