A Real Mom’s Happily Ever After

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Are you living your dream?

A Real Mom’s Happily Ever After!

From the time I was ten years old I had wanted to be a mommy.  I had my kids’ names planned out (and even my husband’s!), I would hold every baby I could at any church function, and babysitting was a privilege not a job.  I readily admitted I was, “living my dream!”  So, why was it, after several years after becoming a mother, did I feel like I was drowning?

After the birth of my fifth child, I was engulfed in what I would now call depression (though at the time I would not have said so).  Five kids ages seven and under was overwhelming in and of itself.  Place on top of that some individual decisions I’d made prior to his birth and the darkness was almost unbearable.  Yes, outwardly I was the perfect picture of happiness, but inside I felt darkness.  I no longer wanted the title of “Mommy!”  I just wanted something else, something more.

It took a heart-wrenching two years before I realized that I truly was living my dream.  I had chosen this life.  I was in control of the outcome of my life and my attitude.  But it wasn’t just “positive thinking” so to speak that changed me.  Realization came from the only true source that can give us lasting peace.  I still vividly remember the chain of events that led me to understanding more fully the Atonement of my Savior, Jesus Christ; not only as freedom from our sins and pain, but as an enabling power to make of us what we desire and need to be.  Since accepting this great doctrinal truth I can confidently say that I am a daughter of God and He has a plan for me.

I believe in strengthening families by strengthening mothers first.  Each of us women and mothers are special daughters of our Father in Heaven who loves us dearly.  We each have our own story to tell…our own heartbreaks, our own triumphs.  Once I came to know and accept my standing in His eyes, I knew I could be strong influence for good- – starting with those precious children who call me, “Mommy!”

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Story written by: Julia Hathaway

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