Meg Conquers Her Fears

Real ImprintsMy name is Meg, I’m 7 years old and my favorite color is light green. I really like swimming and hiking. Sometimes I’m a worrier. Last summer, I saw lots of things that scared me. I saw lots of bad car accidents, a huge fire not too far away from my house, another fire when we were on a vacation,  and another one happened close to where I live that was caused by lightning. Seeing all these things made me very very scared about a lot of stuff. I was really scared when I saw clouds because it made me think that they were storm clouds or smoke from fire. When we would drive, I was afraid we would crash. I prayed to help me feel better about being afraid of all these things. Now I’m not as scared of lightning and clouds and just try to have fun with them. I’m also not afraid of getting in a crash anymore. When I get scared I pray and it makes me feel way better!!!


Written by: Meg

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