He Lives

He Lives

A light was blinking on my van’s dashboard and there was a constant and urgent DING DING DING DING!!!… so I figured I should stop by Einstein’s Oilery before it exploded.:-) Thankfully we made it before anything catastrophic happened and discovered that the van was overheating because the coolant was “bone dry”. They were baffled as to how that happened given there was no leak and they had just serviced it. His response was that he’d never seen that before, but told me to be EXTREMELY carful because it could ruin the engine. That sounded comforting and very expensive!:-)

As I was anxiously waiting for the diagnosis (I hate car problems and the hole that it burns in our wallet), I was watching the news, and that didn’t help my angst. They were reporting that “God needed to be taken out of the huddle” at Clemson University. Really! This again! I started overheating myself! All sorts of thoughts were flying through my head. It made me so mad and sad! Why do those that DON’T believe in God have such a pull on society? The pull is getting stronger and stronger! My conclusion…we have to be strong! We can’t stop believing, we can’t stop sharing, and we can’t stop talking about God. We need to keep God in OUR “huddles”!

I know what I know, and no matter how far society pulls away, rejects God, or tries to pretend He doesn’t exist, I won’t! I know what I know! I am happiest when I remember Christ in my daily life and try to act as He did. I’m happiest when I’m selfless and serve as Christ did. I’m content at the end of the day when I know I have listened and followed promptings. There is no better feeling than knowing I was an instrument in God’s hand. ALL the people I know that are truly happy and content with their lives recognize God’s hand in their lives. They are less confused and less selfish. I know He lives, and I know He is the way!

I’m so grateful for my Savior! I love Him with all my heart and am so grateful for His sacrifice for me. I am often amazed at His patience, His love, and His mercy towards me. It is a shame that He is being forgotten and pushed out of so many “huddles”.

As we left the oilery, my van had cooled down, but my heat level was still above the red. I will always defend my God and Savior! This world would be a much better place if God was included in every possible huddle! No matter how many huddles He gets pushed out of, He won’t get pushed out of mine, or my family’s! I may not be Vince Lombardi, but I do know that in the game of life, all those that choose to include God in their huddles are the ones that are going to be victorious in the end.

He Lives! I’m so grateful for this unshakable knowledge I have. I’m grateful that I get to be a defender of Him. I’m grateful that today, we get to celebrate His sacrifice and resurrection!

This is a great Easter video that reminds us that all is  possible because of Him.

Happy Easter! I hope it is filled with many unforgettable memories, and most importantly, with our Savior’s love.


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