Let the Adventure Begin…WE’RE GOING TO HAITI!!!

Let the adventure begin!!!


I’ve been on MANY adventures with this guy! We both love the outdoors, traveling, and are usually up for most adventures! We’ve even been skydiving together! (Yikes! That gives me anxiety just thinking about it now!) We went right after we were married, no kids, and fancy free! It was a blast and I’m so glad we did it, but you couldn’t pay me enough to do it now that I’m mommyified and it just doesn’t sound quite as fun anymore.:-)

I swore it wouldn’t happen to me, but I have definitely become more cautious with each child I’ve given birth to…there must be a subconscious inner something that makes you use your thinking brain instead of adventure brain after you become a mom. Maybe it’s a hormone, because it doesn’t seem to happen to the dads.:-)

The picture above makes me laugh every time I see it! You can’t see the look on my face, but you can see Aaron’s and you can see my “I’m going to die” tendons popping out of my neck!:-) We literally FLEW!!!! And when you fly and you don’t have wings, you fall really really hard!:-) Let’s just say taking the path less traveled that is suggested by your brother-in-law, may not be the best idea. He’s the one that captured the picture, so you know full well that he knew the adventure he was sending us on. 🙂

We flew together when we jumped out of a moving plane, we flew when we sledded of a cliff, and now we get to fly to Haiti together, and there’s no one else I’d rather take this adventure with!

We are both so ecstatic about this opportunity and feel so blessed to be able to go!

There will be more information to come as we learn more, but we know that our hearts have been directed to Haiti for a reason. It’s been amazing to see the Lord’s hand in preparing us for this adventure. There are so many details and tender mercies that have led us to this point and it’s extremely humbling to feel so directed to a specific location at a specific time. We don’t know what lies ahead, but we are up for the adventure and can’t wait to help the amazing people in Haiti. They too have their stories and live such different lives than we do. We know this trip is going to do way more for us than we could ever do for them, but we hope to leave an imprint on their hearts and on that poverty stricken island while we are there.




The Haiti photos were taken by Travis Gugelman, founder of Dando Amor.

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