Laundry Nanny

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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a laundry nanny? Their sole purpose would be to do the laundry and that’s it! I’m not going to lie, that thought hangs out in the dreams department in my head. With our active family of 6, there seems to always be heaps of unfolded laundry calling my name. The heaps are more common than not, but on the rare occasion that I am caught up, it seems like seconds later I turn around and a little person has decided it’s time for a new outfit complete with seven layers. (sigh) It’s just one of those tasks that seems to never be done!

The other night, I was upstairs getting my crew ready for bed. The day had been filled from morning to night. I was away for a lot of the afternoon while the kids were home, and the house showed it. My husband had obligations that night so I was flying solo. As I was reading family scriptures with our girls, I sat on the floor with my head leaning back against the wall, my mind and body haggard and ready for a little R & R. All I could think about was all I still needed to do and how I was going to muster up the energy to do it all. I found myself in an inner battle – to clean or not to clean. If only I had a nanny or…

Minutes later I hear ding-dong.

In my jammies, and I’m sure with a very visible drowned rat kind of appearance, I answered the door to three energetic happy young girls. “Hey do you have any service we can do for you? We’re doing a service scavenger hunt for our youth night.”

So I humbled myself, moved things out of the way, and allowed them to come in. “Yes! I actually have a lot for you to do. What do you want to do?” (There were so many options to choose from).

They entered the danger zone, they each chose a job, and they got busy. One was on the dishes, another was folding laundry, and one was wiping counters. They vacuumed our floor, and just like that, all the things that had seemed like overwhelming and unobtainable mountains minutes earlier, were now little molehills. As quick as the snap of a finger (or so it seemed), my load was lightened, and I stood in amazement that three cleaning fairies had just come and gone. The laundry nanny I’ve dreamed about for years had just become a reality!

Cleaning Fairies

I’m not going to lie, the thought of having a full-time laundry nanny still hangs out in my dreams department, but that night I was so grateful for teenage girls that took the time to serve and made my dreams come true for a night! I know they had a lot of things they could have done, and they chose to serve. Thanks cleaning fairies! You girls are the best!

*Laundry Tip – My friend Pyper introduced me to Arm & Hammer Laundry Plus Oxi Clean and I’m in love! The smell is divine, it’s the best detergent I’ve used on dirt and stains, and the colors stay vibrant! I’m a big fan so I thought I’d share the love! You can get it on Amazon or at your local stores!


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