Kaden’s Hard Work Pays Off

DSCF5163I am nine and a half years old. I am also in 4th grade. I used to like school when I started. Kindergarten was great! We had parties and did art. But then in 2nd grade our family moved to a new state. It was really hard and I missed my old school and friends. I didn’t really like my teacher either. She would get mad at me for doing things. Sometimes I didn’t even know why she was mad at me. But every day I was getting my clip moved to yellow. Sometimes I didn’t know what I was supposed to do for homework or classwork.  I did not like school anymore. Then I went to third grade and it was hard and boring. All we did was testing. My teachers seemed to be frustrated with me and I didn’t know why. One day my teacher called my mom at home. I had argued with her at school. I was having a bad day and was feeling frustrated. We had our big end of the year test coming up and if I didn’t pass, I thought I would have to stay in the third grade. My mom and dad decided to help me. I went to a doctor who checked my ears. She said I had Auditory Processing Disorder which means I have a hard time listening and then remembering what I hear or explaining it. My new teacher in fourth grade helps me. She talks to me so I can hear her. She even helps me be better with my work. I like fourth grade now and I especially like science. I want to be a scientist when I get older. Sometimes I forget to take my time and do my work but I am better and I have the most reading points in my class. I love to read and my favorite books are the Percy Jackson Series. My mom and dad say I am a hard worker and now I like school a lot more!

Story written by: Kaden

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