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Life can be pretty crazy as a mom! We all know the routine of taking care of home, family, work, and many of the other responsibilities that call our name every day. I am convinced that us moms have a secret net of understanding! It’s the mommy intuition that we develop and it never leaves, no matter the ages of our kids. There are definitely beautiful moments of bliss in our families, and there are definitely moments of exhaustion…worries to get everything done in the day and hopefully squeeze in a shower! Sometimes we definitely need a pick me up. Here at Real Imprints we feel that we can learn from each other, inspire one another with our ideas and stories, and offer hope to someone who needs it. That is why we are so excited to introduce YOU to a group that has the same goals that we strive for here. The Mom Summit is one of our affiliates and we are spreading the word to our imprinters about a great opportunity you can take part in! So without further ado…I will let them take over from here!

Introducing: The Mom Summit

No Mom is perfect! So join me at the FREE, online Mom Summit:

For Moms
by Moms!

Register Now!

Desi Ward, host of The Mom Summit and creator of The Unconventional
Kitchen, created this educational and entertaining event because no mom
is perfect. That’s why we share our strengths! You know the whole idea;
“I’ll do your laundry if you do my dishes?” At The Mom Summit we will
gather together to learn from each other; we are our greatest resource!

Attend FREE and be a part of the online Mom Summit, taking place on March 31 – April 7, 2014!


It’s going to be more fun than a solo shopping trip and more informative
than a library full of parenting books!

Being a mom can be overwhelming at times, so The Mom Summit contains 30+
online classes to make motherhood more enjoyable. 30 rock star bloggers
(mostly moms) will be teaching classes on topics incredibly important,
like cooking a month’s worth of dinners in ONLY a couple hours, getting
kids to listen without yelling, nagging or reminding, and making sure
there’s not just heat in the kitchen, but how to put the sparks in your marriage, as well—sounds amazing, right?

Here are a few of the incredible presenters:

-Freshly Picked

-Six Sisters Stuff

-100 Days of Real Food

-Wellness Mama

-One Good Thing By Jillee

-Balanced Bites

-Super Healthy Kids

-And more!

… along with 20+ additional presenters sharing their wealth of
knowledge. This invaluable (and FREE) resource is intended for mothers

As moms, we share! And, the Mom Summit is all about moms helping moms by
sharing ideas and gathering insights from our most reliable sources:
each other!

It’s all online and free!

Come listen and be inspired. Registration is now open for The Mom Summit, March 31-April 7, 2014!


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