Join Our Team

Real Imprints is growing and we need your help! We are looking for dedicated and motivated team members who are passionate about spreading faith, hope, and healing around the world!

All of these are general descriptions. If you are interested and feel qualified, we will definitely talk more specifics and clarify any questions or concerns! The amount of time required and the frequency of contributions will be determined on an individual basis.

It’s important to note that Real Imprints is run solely by volunteers. All proceeds raised or donated, are used in our humanitarian efforts to spread hope to those in seemingly hopeless situations.

If you are interested in any of the following positions, please contact Lindsey at


TEAM CONTRIBUTOR – If you’re interested in this and want more details, please email Lindsey. To be a team member contributors, we are looking for skillful writers who have experience with one or more of our specific topics: mental health, addiction, family, self-concept, faith, and giving back/humanitarian work. Superior content and pictures are required.

Note: You can still submit articles and/or stories to be posted at random, without being a team member, if you feel like that is a better fit.

CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR – We are looking for team members interested in finding quality articles and content to add to the site. These can be previously written or original articles, as well as a quality Youtube or Vimeo videos. If it’s a previously written article, this team member will help contact the writer for permission to put it on our site. Frequency will depend on availability.

EDITOR – We are looking for multiple editors who have an eye for typos and mistakes and can help shape a story when needed. The editor will also help with creating captivating titles when needed. Our editors do a fantastic job at this, but we need more!:-)

PHOTOGRAPHER – We are looking for photographers who are willing to share their professional photographs for Real Imprints quotes and post images. When possible, and if they’re local, it would be wonderful to have them capture memorable moments at our events, projects, and retreats!

GRAPHIC DESIGN ARTIST – We are looking for someone with a graphic design background or talent who is interested in designing social media covers, business cards, graphic design needs for the site, etc.

GIVING BACK AMBASSADOR – We are always looking for team members who are passionate about service and humanitarian work who will help us find needs and carry out projects. Projects may vary depending on the location of the ambassador and if it’s a local need, national, or international need. An example of a current and ongoing project is our “Angel Gowns” project. Again, the projects will vary and the time commitment of the team member will vary depending on the individual.

Again, if you are interested in joining our team, please contact Lindsey at! Let us know why you are excited for the position and how you feel you will be an asset to the team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you don’t feel like the team positions are a good fit right now, but you would like to be involved, send us an email and join our volunteer list! We will contact you when we need extra helping hands!