Inspired to “Tri”

This girl inspired me to “tri”!
Y Not Tri

Mr. Optimist has tried to get me to do triathlons assuring me it would be AWESOME, but for some reason I was never tempted. I don’t mind the bike or run, but the thought of the swim kept me away from diving into the tri world. Swimming long distances isn’t my thing, but definitely not in the middle of open water surrounded by crazy competitive tri-athletes swimming around me. Call me crazy.

This last weekend, my hubby did a triathlon with one of our daughters. It was so fun to see her as she worked hard to get in shape for the swim. She went from fearful, wondering if she could do it, to confident and excited! As I watched all the kids climb out of the water and run to their bikes, it hit me how awesome these events are for kids. How empowering they are for them!

Y Not Tri

Not only was it inspiring to watch my own daughter conquer her fears and almost visibly watch her grow an inch or two as she gained confidence by doing the event, I saw something I’ll never forget.

Two Brothers.

They were only 7 and 9 years old. They started and finished the triathlon together.


Lucas was the seven year old. He was in a wheelchair when I first saw him and his brother was leaning down for a pre-race picture with him. It was obvious Lucas couldn’t walk or talk, but he could smile. As his young 9 year old brother pulled him in a raft and behind a bike, and then finished by pushing him in a stroller for the run, it quickly became apparent that Lucas could smile.

I held it together until the race began and I saw the big brother’s little but courageous body swim in open water pulling a big raft with Lucas floating behind. That’s when the tears came.

Give it a Tri - raft

I proudly watched my daughter cross the finish line with her dad. She had overcome mental and emotional hurdles and had accomplished a hard thing.

Conquer fears

Then I watched as Lucas and his brother crossed the finish line. They had overcome physical hurdles and had accomplished a hard thing together.

These young people inspired me to do the same! Just because it’s hard and out of my comfort zone doesn’t mean I shouldn’t “tri”!

So I’m going on record to say I’m going to do it! I’m going to overcome the hurdles that have kept me from doing a triathlon up to this point, and I’m going to cross a triathlon’s finish line in 2016! With these cute fans, I think I can…I think I can!:-)



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