How I Got My Kids to Eat Raw Broccoli – The Perfect Healthy Summer Snack

Broccoli and Veggies

My daughter just asked me for broccoli for her 6th birthday dinner! Not sure if I should call that a slight or major miracle?

Pretty sure it’s major!

I know what you’re thinking, “Ya right crazy lady there’s no way my kids will even touch raw broccoli let alone entertain the thought of eating it!” All I have to say is it’s worth the try! It worked for our entire family! There was not one kiddo (or adult) that didn’t like it, and before this discovery, no one was a big fan of uncooked broccoli (another major miracle)!

Now they all ask for it (even for birthdays)!

True story. We were just at the grocery store in the produce aisle and my two year old said, “Mom, can you buy me some broccolies?” Proudly I said, “Sure honey!” When we got home, before I was done unloading the groceries, the first thing she said was “where’s my broccolis”! So I stopped what I was doing, got her big broccoli cloves with Italian dressing and wallah, she was downing (and I mean downing) raw broccoli for lunch! Don’t mind the granola bars, fresh fruit, or fish crackers; give me the broccoli!!!

The best thing about it; it’s simple!! What busy and desperate mom looking to trick her kids into eating veggies, wants to spend all afternoon trying to cut broccoli (or any other veggie) so small that maybe her kids might not notice it in there? Not me! I guarantee there are moms that would do it, but none that would want to, and let’s be honest, the kids usually aren’t tricked!

Yummy Veggies

So here it is….

Broccoli Italiano

Ingredients Needed:

Broccoli (uncooked)
Italian Dressing

Pour a nice large glob of Italian dressing on a plate, dip broccoli and coat it generously with dressing! Eat and enjoy your daily dose of fresh veggies!

Ta Da! It’s just that easy!

I, of course, can’t guarantee it will work for everyone, but it was a success at our house and is definitely worth a try!


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