Help Us Leave Imprints in Haiti!

Real Imprints in Haiti

Photo taken by Travis Gulgelman, Founder of Dando Amor.



We had no idea how poverty stricken the people in Haiti were until we began this journey. As we’ve learned more, we’ve experienced shock and sadness, but we find peace and excitement in the opportunity to spread hope to these resilient people!

With this trip falling from heaven recently, we are in crunch time to raise funds for the trip, medical supplies for the people in haiti, items for the orphans, and other miscellaneous needs we come across while we are there! The trip is the end of February so we have less than a month! We can do a little alone, but with your help, we can do a lot! Please join with us in leaving Real Imprints in Haiti!

Below we will list the fundraisers we plan on doing this month to help raise as much as we can in this short period of time! We will also list the donation items we are collecting for our medical clinics as well as the orphanages. You can also make a monetary donation by clicking HERE.

If your children or teens would like to join us in raising money for the people in Haiti, we’d love it! They can choose one of our fundraisers, or one of their own choice, and participate in their hometown and then donate the earned funds HERE. Have them send us an email with the amount they donated and we will send them pictures from Haiti sharing with them the fruits of their labors and a thank you gift from Real Imprints! They will also have the opportunity to share their experience and story on Real Imprints!

List of Fundraisers:

  • “I Can Do Hard things” blocks – We are really excited to be selling these super cute blocks to help raise money for Haiti!
  • Hot Chocolate Stand
  • Valentine’s Day Bake Sale – before or on Valentine’s Day, have a bake sale so others can buy goodies for the Valentine!
  • Babysit for couples on Valentine’s Day/Other Date Nights
  • Sell Cookie Dough, popcorn, candybars, etc.
  • Craft Night – pay to learn a new skill and then send the gifts made to Haiti
  • Donate directly to Real Imprints 

(All fundraisers are done at your own risk and Real Imprints is not responsible or liable for any mishaps.)

Donations for Haiti:
All donated items sent to us for Haiti need to be received by February 15th. You can send them to:

Real Imprints
PO Box 1742
Eagle, ID 83616

Items Needed for Medical and Orphanage Needs:

  • Ziploc Bags
  • Powdered Baby Formula
  • Vitamins (any brand): children, prenatal, infant and adult
  • Medical Supplies
  • School supplies
  • Teaching supplies: whiteboard markers
  • School athletic equipment, such as balls, nets, cones, jersey’s, etc.
  • Used eyeglasses
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Over the Counter medications: including, but not limited to, ear drops, eye drops, topical creams/ointments, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, tums, etc.
  • Newborn Kits (diapers, wipes, small towel, wash cloth, gentle bar soap, receiving blanket, etc.)
  • Cloth diapers
  • Newborn shirts
  • Receiving blankets for newborns
  • Lice combs and shampoo
  • Hygiene items- any size is fine, from hotels, travel size, etc.
  • Lice treatment items- lice combs, Rid shampoo, shower caps, etc.
  • Any basic needs item will be put to good use so if you have extra of anything, we will take it off your hands
  • We look forward to teaming up with our Imprinters in this endeavor to leave lasting and real imprints in Haiti!

We are so grateful and very humbled by this opportunity to team up with you! Thank you doesn’t seem sufficient…but we sincerely thank you for joining with us in this endeavor to spread hope and purpose in Haiti!



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